” some things are too late to get ” – everyday poetry 150

what’s new with the Veteran Writers Workshop is that we moved to Wednesdays same time for now. in July we will switch times to the evening. So today was a pretty full house – except for our Fearless Leader Leilani & Wes, & Harvey and all the other Veterans who have not been able to contribute – we were all there, Rick – from whence today’s prompt came from, Eric – our fearless leader for the day, Terre, Adam, & Patrick & yours truly –

 ” some things are too late to get ”

what i have in my pocket

that is too late for U to get

unless of course i wish to then give that to U

what i have in my closet

that is too late for U to get

albeit some of the things that i create will come to U’r visual

perhaps some original piece of RIP Art will adorn U’r wall

maybe it will chase the ghosts out

maybe my ghosts and those collected will play with the ghosts that run ramped in U’r home

what they had we will never have

but in spirit we can always share the gifts given and the gifts that continue to be received by the characters we all loved and cared for, for the characters who loved us with much character

some things are too late to get

like that piece of knowledge U wanted for U’r exam

the exam is over, it was 17 days ago

and U still did not get it

it was a worthless piece of knowledge

some things are too late to get

but the things that we get now

the things we search for

like our Marine Brother in an archeological dig

what is our archeological dig

do we really want to find those things

personally, i don’t mind one bit at all

– because some things are too late to get –

but some things that U get, even too late

better to get it too late than to not get it at all

like truths that have been stolen to an agenda of corruption

like the life that was supposed to be yours but was lost to assumptions

like the rain that never came and the land was all dried out in the southern California dessert like arenas – when the rain comes… there is a welcome party

except for all the self absorbed ungrateful lunatics who can’t appreciate the moisture feeding a thirsting ground, a thirsting people, thirsting plants and all kind of thirsting creatures

where can one thrive in the deserted caves of nothing but barren glossy rocks

stocks plummeting down in a fake economy of no new jobs created

no absorption of all the needs of those in the confines of leaveless trees

all the air vacuumed up to leave nothing but the poison that kills one faster

worms stuck to the flesh because the flesh is no longer moving

except for the movement of the worms

my breath, meditative breath to tarred oil in the air

some things are too late to get


on an end note… turns out that my reading was quite comical today… it was some of the banter that was going around the table… as Vets – much like the banter that goes around when on active duty… well, a fun reading from everyone today, great stimulation and therapeutic to be with the Veteran family today! Missed U Leilani

winter leaves PCC - vacinity

winter leaves PCC – vacinity



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