” i always besiege a ghost besieging me ” – everyday poetry 151

… I always besiege a ghost besieging me


Prompt today from a book of poems by Mahmoud Darwish called nothing pleases me – I chose this line after our discussion of the poem with our friend to Veterans – our Advocate and writing Coach Leilani – and my Veteran friends Rick, Patrick, Erick, Adam and Terre (how we sat around the table today)


i am a ghost too

speaking to U I do

in the friendly manner

its tuned


from therapists offices i’ve visited

trying to lay out the path to unburden myself with burdens not my own

but burdening me nonetheless

the everything I can do to give the vile no power

the devils that have magic hats

and minions at their service

which they interchange the favors one for another


i always besiege a ghost besieging me

these they wish to take me to the depth of dirt i have yet to see

the intermittent breaths i use they keep me gasping for life

they keep me wanting a bit more

that when i arise from the floor this time

i may then be awakened to no more ghosts

of my hate for self

no more ghosts of self defeat

no more ghosts, just no more ghosts

including my self – to this I breath a breath of wanting it to be


the ghosts, they lay in wait

are the spirits of devils made up as angels…, as saints

finding in their fraudulent complaints – the carrying of prevailing corruption

to one who was so full of life and giving all others extra breath

giving to others the nurturing, and finding paths to dreams of fullest lives


smiles – so many of them were buried

when the abundance of them were many

given freely

and still, though stifled some are sent to love that bends

braking bereft bondages of belittled butterflies basking beautifully before brainstorming brokers behind baskets


so for them not caught but disseminating the color of softer days


in care free flight that sends to weary souls the colors of day & night


the hopes of life fuller expanded as wings do collect air like sails

the peddles of flowers their landing strips

and at times they find U like a lady bug wanting a life hug

and to let U know, U too shall be alive in the essence of everything that you give

no matter how small, your contributions shall be enormous again

even better than before – when sins / the crimes that those of monsters use to besiege U

these ghosts of their latest woes unstopped and seemingly unstoppable


but for every moment of time is gain for truth to be expanded in earthly molecules

those living and U who are still dead with the chance of resurrection

to go for love in correction to the laying of tiles and brick roads not yellow

but for sure a guide home to the fullness of enjoying nature

the leaves of the trees that give to thee the breath of known life

the flowers that flow in fragrance and show

for beholders in beg of the appreciation to a fuller life


and for these I am pleased

and am pleased to be able to say, perhaps there is a path to life

as with other smiles shared

thought and the brainstormed messages of encouragement

and ever seeking the same from the same souls to give gauged meters of that which hold solutions creative for the remittance of anguish stealing breath by breath the experiences which ought to be yours


so these ghosts besieged that constantly besiege me, today besieged, with acknowledgement of the much more work to be done to totally annihilate those ghosts still prevalent – with force trying to take the ghost that is me to the grave – before showing that the ghosts that are they are those of the devils still allowed to be criminal – in human form – criminal / devils

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 5.11.53 PM

ghost & the dissemination of love


131355 on June 25, 2014

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