” 03:35:19 horrors on my eyelids ” – everyday poetry 152

most of U know, all 2 of U who read my every day poetry blog, that our Veteran Writers Workshop moved to wednesdays, so now my posts won’t be up until wednesday night if i can luckily put it together and post before wednesday is over, or it will hopefully be thursday.

With that,

 Because the projector lights keep playing

03:35:19 horrors on my eyelids


let the scribbling begin as this free verse unrehearsed takes place in your new kind of spin

while i am trying to avoid nightmares,

and most of those in the USA are snoozing,

maybe some of the more lively ones, or perhaps night owls, or vampires, or people of the night are still out and about in the middle of the night


come with me and let us take flight

to a middle of some deserted road not to fight

or perhaps a most busy road to fight

fight like the light trying to break away from last night

and get the darkest corners where the deepest secrets lay cowering at the possibility of exposure

because they always were and still are cowards

in all they have hidden, and all that they thought they could get rid of


those verses shall forever be spelled out in eternity

those injuries masked in the falsities as realities shall be straightened out with logic and reasoning

those statements of perjury and subornations of perjury that culminate in cahoots with the other obstructions of truth prevailing shall now be weighed in higher courts of corrupted men and women in black robes who deface the very principles of democracy for their agendas puppetted by strings billion dollar industries rather than civility in the protection of these the citizenry


so to the nightmares that keep playing on my eyelids,

from the Corps & the lessor known war that affects those here at home and abroad

to the players of fraud on the broad scale of failsafe elevators taking them straight to the top while still 10 stories beneath the bottom


comes the question

as to how can U ever peel away the scales from your eyes

when the forrest is clearly shown to be in every way

in your way

from trying to dust out the dusty microscopic splinter from a saints eye

who swears and lusts for everything that is life because of the death that you continually subject him to


and the little girl that i keep seeing get ran over by that military white van

and a bullet that screamed within millimeters passed my head

the umbrella that took all breath out of my lungs to 20 minutes unsung

etc. in the light of the “NONWAR TIME OPERATIONS”

and what does me putting myself up to die for the democracies of planet nation straining to allow anyone really to have democracies at all

or is it falling out of the sky like a rainstorm in typhoon winds so that U cannot see U’r hand nor that tree branch that just about smashed U

like the smashing of a second invisible war – related to the first invisible war

but where there not more invisible wars right out in plain daylight, and night lights for over a century after it actually became a war at all


so like any in the struggle for justice

for the right to expose that which is seemingly impossible if not right next to impossible to expose

for forces of power, of wealth, of the “respectable” of society, the “honorable”

the christian satanists who be goddamned to hell in their lack of the capabilities of speaking realities in public because they hide their criminal… or if it just be the lessor indiscrepancies against their self made god to protect themselves in their injustices against humanity – stealing more breath than that which they have ever given to civility!


these and other horrors that keep playing on my eyelids

every time i try to go to sleep

even in the plain of day where i am afloat or inside while standing on the outside

with no cover from the reign of terrors

and those that come downstairs as if from heaven do they come with their fake halos as satanists in sheep’s clothing – forgetting that they have no white garments to robe in!


the scariest thing is about to happen to U

not being done to U

because it is all of what you do


this truth has always been out there

even in your devilish magicians trickery

the sorcery you used to allow yourselves and those who willingly upheld your untruths the climatic stage for your abuse

and now momentarily – good news for you

as the saying goes, the truth will set you free

it is definitely going to set me free from you and your constant criminal activities


and then

whose turn will it be to scream

unlike mine that was unmerited

yours being of the creation of your own hands – collectively


it has always been out there

this that you have done

this that you continue to do

but now it shall be on paper

and all the world shall c

correct judgments are to be made of thee

rather than the corrupt

and one way or another

your falsities shall die

by the very hand that created them

your hands your mouths!

04:07:03 and my eyes getting heavier now

flower for today shot yesterday

flower for today shot yesterday

TELACU VUB Fall 2010 Newsletter 8.5 x 11

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