” all the fucks and goddams ” – everyday poetry 153


July 2, 2014

Taken from a line of Brian Turner’s “The Hurt Locker”


And all the fucks and goddams

how did U know to speak my language

how did U know to express the strain

how did U know to not want to go to the places that are where the faces who suffered have gone

all the fucks and goddams

in the strain of civil rights being here day and night for all in sight and for those hiding for the sake of no more victimization!

Because all of the voices streamed from that pain, the strain of voices in the last seconds of breath, upon contact – this – the said of those who laid it all on the line for democracy – and fall out of the formation of the living because of their giving…

and what was it for – what is it for

all the fucks and all the goddams

in the slam of the making it not to count for a damned thing

is this where we will begin to gain our wings

to say no more

my brothers and sisters are done dying in vain – when it is nothing to do with democracy for our country, nor another country for that matter!

but when we say hell no we won’t go once again

because the hype based in lies is for the profiteers entered in disguise where they could give a fuck about the lives they goddamned to their graves, or walking souls in a ghost’s container because they know not just how to get back to life when nothing makes sense anymore!

because it is not truly for the gain of our own civil rights, our own right to be taken care of after we offered everything for the wealthy, the powerful, those who have been planning in secret for years on ends to one degree or another just how they are going to get filthy rich to the point that nobody else who is down on the bottom will have anything to grasp for except for maybe some miserable subsistence in what others would like to call living

so we say no more – shall we – not to let our Brothers and Sisters be sacrificed unless it truly can be called something that is worthy of our sacrifice! Shall they too some way be given a choice in the matter

I mean all the fucks and goddams

when those who lay in last moments for the realization that they will not see the preciousness of life, and in hopes that they at least gave others the preciousness of life…

So we are in the age of the many unanswered questions to the machine of war – the machine of money, the machine of the rich, the machine of influence from lies that again, disguise the true realities of why we who serve go here and there

and at home, we still have so much room to grow, so much more oppression to overcome, so many lessons to learn as to how we will ever really truly sustain ourselves as a Nation again – if the greedy keep on running it, do we see that there will just be different levels of poor and not …. Well maybe this is miles down the road, decades before it is truly told

but should a judicial system be about an industry rather than truth and justice for all, should healthy food be all about just those who have the money to buy it – or should it be like water, somehow made available = like the reversal of war for money, it has to be done in a collective educated mind that sees realities, defines the fullness of problems, like illegal aliens versus people just trying to live, like religious freedoms versus peoples rights to force people to conform to their ways, like gay rights and the fact that for many problems that are not fully looked at to find solutions for the difficulties that we as a society faces – and we do not see too clearly when we just need to get over ourselves versus having the need to find that solution


anguished scream

anguished scream

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