” last day of my life ” – everyday poetry 154

lies handed me truth's head

lies handed me truth’s head

last day of my life

in the hell of the shadows of the devils that come everyday to steal me away

deep into their world

no remittance to over 16 years they stole from love

from the truth they obliterated with lies of feigned innocence

devils dressed in saints halos – as if they were anything close to…

as they stood behind the criminals who sanction their crimes too

as the filth dawned the blackened robe – the unhonorable

with no repudiation to corruption

last day of my life

when i find that i am finally living

it shall be outside of

their hell of no introspections

their hell in their hedonistic lives undisturbed

their hell in not rescinding their mendacities

their hell that burned bright for too long, as if to be the light of day

to end in truth revelations audible and visual

last day of my life

to end at the doorsteps of torment

their gates shall be opened

their fences knocked down

all to see for themselves

at who they really are

what they really did

and what they really do




last day of my life

in their shadows

is my wish

to not be in their death amore

to not be in the paralysis of minion who they are

detested devils dealing dastardly deeds destructively dangling deer damage

last day of my life

as in

last day of my being dead

i hope

love in every shade of U...

love in every shade of U…

the Veterans Writing Workshop has moved to Wednesdays, so i will attempt to keep writing a poem too, on Tuesday… this is one from last week actually, and i have another in my journal that i did yesterday… which i find pretty cool! U may like it. so the poetry, or writing from the prompt that we do on wednesday night may be posted wednesday night or thursday (hopefully – as i do have much difficulties with PTSD and depression at times, so thank U very much for being patient with me on this journey [ 1. to write to gain health {is a hope}: 2. write to express traumatic and depressive in order to mitigate the affects of breakdowns and adverse affects: 3. write about the trauma in general, and those who decided to victimize a disabled Marine and the exacerbation of difficulties). Peace and love my people of civility… and now, again, let us take a few long deep breaths slowly in [expanding the stomach – as if it were a balloon expanding while being blown up]; and pause [hold it], and slowly exhale, contracting your stomach [as if it were going all the way back to your spine]. And two more just like this…, go back to the beginning of the breathing technique.

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