whose rights are they – everyday poetry 156

19:34:27 on 07:23:14


whose rights are they

in a nation unthreaded from the shores of democracy


all the blood rimmed beaches if U could see any of the you or me that gave everything for free freedom!


all the blood that has been washed away for centuries now,

the contributions to the eclectic soul

tell U something now

that was not just for show

it was as real as U get


try standing true to a firing squad of big round iron or pewter musket balls

propelled from gunpowder still dripping to the side of the gun that spilled from the paper that tried to hold it so that for sure it would stop one or two from advancing


and advanced they did – stopping some from the right of human ownership

not unlike that of what is fought for now, but slavery in a different state, perhaps with more freedoms, more rights, more availability to take flight and to eventually get it right


yes, I am one who was up to die

yes, a noncombat one who never had to try to hard to dodge but one bullet

yes, one who found the blood dripping from the ripping of my lungs after being stabbed

yes, one who was … this close to death how many times in the non combat zone

did I ever ask if I could go home

to split the time that I had committed to for my investment to country, by agreement of duty


no, and I was never awakened much when I served

no, I was not aware of all the other peoples rights that I have never thought of,

no, not like I think of others today

no right to live, no right for a better life, no right to find some rights in the first place


so to the absorption of our friends from South America, and their path to be reunited with those of family here, those of political asylum, those of, may I please have some breath to breath free while in limbo, or purgatory of the decision makers from one nation or another


and the arguments of the facts that we are not stable enough as a nation to absorb all the financial woes due the citizenry currently present, these too are true


so for the argument of our democracy, for all who step foot on the planet in this U.S. vicinity

for the argument of – who did those who served – who did they die for – who did they suffer wounds for

the argument of the earliest wars

arguing the wars of current times

argument too for those who were not in the combat zone but served fully and honorable for…

the nation that is still in its birthing process of hundreds of years

still discovering just how to be civil

how to become more civil


and to rebel we do as we have the right to

from any to tell us we have to do this or have to do that, or must be this or that

I want out of that zoo too, I really do

to a place of – how about this

how about instead of just rebelling

that we spend as much time finding solutions

not just spouting off at the mouth


oh, this is a great idea of how to address this or that situation

but to go through all the a’s and z’s of a solution

to go through it with a fine tooth comb

to stimulate ourselves with more and more facts

to be sure to insert all the pro and con arguments possible

arguing in the sense of civility, using a fair process of give and take

unlike the house and the senate who are just towing party lines despite of what the nation asks for and needs


but the unity of a people who are on the line of civility for one another, and for the health and life of the planet that lends us the breath we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink, as gifts of nurturing, should we not then be that to one another, in our climb to success


if success was described as the most one could do to ensure, and to embrace the path of another person… would they then have to be of this altruistic path to civility or would we too give to those whose contributions are the calamities of life’s destruction!



love triumphant strip

love triumphant strip

so last week, i could not even fish reading my piece, this week was a bit better, much better actually we only had myself and Adam – for Veterans, and Peter ( who played in a show about those in active service (called a band of Brothers) and our fearless leader , Leilani Squire


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