” therapy ” {my first try @ haiku/haibun – everyday poetry 157

today @ the Veteran Writers Workshop – i speak about therapy in styles i never tried before… i believe i was successful with the haiku’s and our writing coach told me that i did fine with the narrative portion of the haibun. both try 1 and try 2 – are one haibun in my opinion / one poem


Did reign mingle flight

devastated at night’s light

Heaven upside down

I went for a sigh after being sideswiped by mental health help not helping at all, leaving me feeling senseless in the hall after the intake session today, and so wish that I could be at play and at ease for a way to find relief.

Try 1 – think narrative is wrong! – but almost on track 20:02:11

feedback from our writing coach is that it is fine, and likes the Haiku’s which are not easy to create i may add!

Later in life I wish to find a rhythm for living, unlike my current day to day, where it is, i’m wondering if I will be able to get the tools out for the lapses of mental health difficulties that I often have in public places or places of privacy.

Take long walks often

See the shores ebb and flow go

The answer awaits

Meandering down a path that is every week therapy, this I don’t mind. I do find however, that the steady flow of not having a definitive answer is tiresome. Albeit, I can resign this fact to the need for consistent work to try to find a balance of intervention…, for any kind of life worth living

Sun sets wistfully

Stirring emotions long felt

Successful or not

So still I try again and again, and keep art as therapy close by, as I do this writing, an exercise, a workshop, and a therapy as well. I feel that these are therapies that keep me from all other similar times I fell, like fell into the darkness that scares me.


2nd try!

kenneth james

nature has a way to find happy


nature’s design

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