“ice cream for U’r soul delusional” – – everyday poetry 158

“ice cream for U’r soul delusional”

12 55 39

tasted so damned good

the way U had to know it would

it’s burning the tongue and brain

tastes good



we shared the space

was mind and time

found reasonably bland today


generously given

it was

from time

time again


written in clouds cumulus


delineated steadily




this poem exercise was a

20 word poem, 12 word poem, 8 word poem, 4 word poem, 2 word poem, & a 1 word poem  –  as suggested by our fearless leader Leilani 🙂 thank U for the challenges!

i did mine based on the prompt that i gave “ice cream for U’r soul delusional”


in conclusion, i am sorry to those who typically read my abstractionist poetry and writings, i have written a few, and i have missed some of the Veteran Writer’s Workshops… due to nightmares and unstable patterns related to disabilities, please forgive me these! i will share the other poetry, and maybe some of the responses that i have given for issues that come to our days observances!


peace and love


Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 1.50.00 AM

8-29 love triumphant final 1




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