9/11 a nation of more than hanging a flag – a nation of reasoning – everyday poetry 159

9/10/14 @ 114616




towers falling

and the people

the towers

their falling


and in the rush of wishing to say goodbye

for a fate not their own

for a suffering not conceived

not by them

nor the voices they were able to reach


and how many eyes beheld the disbelief

that this or that could have been happening

did happen

and the horror retched souls

over bowls and toilets

to the overwhelming chaos not soon ending

and did it end


and how many were in another hell

where that hell, especially if not their own

were they once again disowned in it

to being of no importance


how do we compare the pain from …

from one episode of terrorism to another

from terrorist abroad

or terrorism from “home”


it is the height of everyone’s loss

and that which is to be seen or not to be seen

in an illuminated eye

die trying to make sense of that what is going on

die trying to make a compelling presentation of the facts

die trying are we, when the words no longer

the events no longer

the every day no longer tends to make sense


and we are here again

at a date we wish would go away

at a time when we are all a bit

or severely overstrung


I don’t know who

these resilient people

determination in tact

who are they, and have they too been attacked


certainly, some had to have been

tirelessly they are attacking the attackers with pure determination

determined to beat them

not at their own game

but in a reverse psychological warfare

is warfare the right word for

being the same love that they are

against all odds


enjoying the moments of peace and tranquility, of laughter and sorrow of others, and not going step by step in fear of annihilation

not to go moment by moment in the total consternation

no, some find a way to look past the devastation


we have for the moment

a breath to breath

we have for the moment

decisions to make

we have for a moment

will U please just take a moment

yes, I am talking to me

to not let them win

with all the help I have

with all the advocacy by my side

still wishing it was more

and maybe I need it to be more


but for now

in the 9/11 flashbacks

like every horrific historical event

I know what hell I was in

and what hell I am still in

not my own

and the 13 years now past 2001


and years before

when I knew America’s most tolerated terrorists

SSSSHHHHHH! still no time to talk about them

no time to hear about that which is not easily seen

no time to talk about that of those disregarded and disposed of

no time for them, because they – we are poor

9/11 was a crime against wealth

a crime that brought wealth

a crime that great wealth was given too, in an instant

I am looking for a gadfly for the crimes against the poor-too!


Because we love those who we lost in 9/11, and we love those who are still MIA in the crimes against the poor!


Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 8.49.07 PM





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