POACHERS for the thrill of it – & – the first aid kit – everyday poetry 161

from the poem “telling the Gospel Truth – by Beth Ann Fennelly is our prompt for the day at the Veteran Writers Workshop that is @ Wellness Works with my Veteran friends Wes, Adam and Rick – and we miss our friends / Veterans Erick, Patrick, and Terre and those yet to come, and thank U to Leilani for all the help as our writing coach

love, find me – with inevitable teachings

seems to me now

to be the common sensical landscape of mind-space

i, when i can catch myself

from the fall of chaos and burning my person with misery and anguish not mine own

but i face it none the less

then i am either going to all of this hatred of this and that

not in the conventional sense of what one might think hatred is

it is the other definition

my definition


the definition of hatred

getting away from evil people

so that they won’t hurt U no more

and when i say hurt

i am not talking about the feelings

my skin is so much thicker than that


but not as thick as the poacher

it never was

hunting for a sport

to show off a trophy

something that i … i could not prey

stalking and laying in wait,

yes, it is the way of the animal world

but they at least eat what they hunt, other animals

the don’t just kill to be out there and killing


my dad was a hunter, he did so out of necessity to bring food to his big family of 5, then 6, then 7, then 8, then 9 plus he and his wife, and when it was then 12 from his second marriage, he still fished to bring in more food


so back to hatred, not of people who choose to eat other animals, more and more, i am of the type that i wish i did not, and that others did not have to, especially now that we number over 6 billion mouths to feed, i sit corrected, over 7 billion mouths to feed

we have this populace and an ever dwindling of animal and mammals, as well as an ever dwindling plant life populace as well

i am a conservationist

a stewart of everything i use

i must think about you and you and you

and everyone who comes after you collectively – who is now here with me


so it is good when i get upset about people who just turn on the water, let it gush out, and it is not being utilized efficiently

it is good when i wish that all cars were electric, and every home is using solar panels and/or other natural resource conservational technology

it is good when i don’t flush the toilet all the time for # 1, when i use as little paper as possible

it is good when i try to recycle everything i possibly can, and it is very difficult, but it is good

it is good when i expand my mind even more – to do one more task friendly to my world, to our world, friendly to you

it is good if i can be that example, and or to encourage others in the LOVE – always paralleled to truth, always paralleled to knowledge, always paralleled to greater understanding… etc. is LOVE

125151 ON 09 – 24 – 14

nature burning us for passion

nature burning us for passion

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