” flower in the rocks ” – everyday poetry 162

” flower in the rocks ”

what was a rock doing in my hand

the weight of it still there

wondering if laughter will some day care

care to come visit


speaking to me in that chuckled voice

it reminded me

i do visit from time to time

and i would love to stay a bit longer

but i have been chased away by the distasteful


well, it does not taste good when the afterthoughts come

when the gingleling , dingleling , dangleling, sprinkling of crinkled gangleling nonsense

i would love to call it nonsense too

i would like to take my mind from this zoo

i would like to leave it and know not what to do

i am formidable in the fighting of this foe

but knowing i need more tools

and so i am seeking for U – too!


come shake my mind


what is this rock all about

what is this day turning too

what is this peace U wish to gain from a piece not yet finished


can we bring it to center for the prompt that was not specified

is the prompt U , it the prompt me – is the prompt something that was said, or something that shall come to be

i could not find it, and have not found it yet, and it may be that i will yet to find it when i am stretched out 10 years down the road, or totally together then, as i would wish, with my – how many more years left to do, left to give, left to be, left to get all the things that were wronged right again – again, if it could ever go back to again, when history said that it no longer matters, and then, will i ever be in a place where it does not matter – that my person had been murdered by graveless faces in the livid anguish of souls betrayed – before the spaces close in on ones day to day that dirt then does come into play!

what… , what was that… r U asking me, as if i shall then to give U the key to the abstractionist mystery who is who, is it U or me! who knows who and what can actually be seen in the dim light of the mind etching out thought for flight to understand what was just said, and whether or not it is that it is relatable to more than just them instead of the hands that wrote it, the mind that did not think it, but is it … too! like maybe you

what in turn to how many rocks did i want to throw in the water to make waves of the the liquid to splash out of that bowl, onto this body burning with the hatred trying to wash over me every moment it can – this hatred, did U think that it was mine, or did U see in the flesh of me to know that it is something obscurely put there by relentless actions and inactions that know not to desist because they don’t hear the God they use to try to manipulate their pray – in knowing that should there be a God, this life force creating in love the existence of we all who breath and give breath to and all the other crafty creations that give gifts of sustenance to the greatest potential of flourishing like flowers growing in between the rocks that seemed not to have any hope to grow in the first place!

goodnight with love and flowers 1

goodnight with love and flowers 1

today’s poem was another one that caught up with me. We do 20 minute timed writings typically now! and so – at times – i get through the writing, but in the reading, there are times that the writing catches me – sort of off guard, or the words really hit me hard – then i also read the poem i will read at RETURNING SOLDIERS SPEAK – i almost finished it, less the last paragraph… – it is good that i have the support group – it was a hell of a writing class for me today. Everyone had great writings – Happy Birthday to Eric today ! wishing U the most wonderful celebrations, and look forward to U joining us again, as Well as Patrick who is Celebrating his Wife’s Birthday today – all sharing a Birthday with our President Carter who continues to do awesome works for our Nation! Happy birthday to U all – and today

special thank U’s to those who helped me today – which was everyone in the Veteran Writer’s Workshop Leilani – our fearless leader – Writing Coach , Wes, Adam, Terre, and Rick, all who were support, as we are support one to another – all the work today was wonderful! and thank U to Terri who runs the office Administration and Wellness Works functions – and to Kathy who usually gives me a session of Therapy – happy Holidays,

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