” good night with love and flowers ” – everyday poetry 164

” good night with love and flowers ” 
to comfort the soul
to have them ready for tomorrows sorrows
such is the realities of life
such is the realities of death
and for those who are to be enthralled in joy

this we hope for not only
every girl and boy
but for we who are grown
“adults” making brave adult decisions
in the cataclysms

of any ism
instead of solutions that tend to need the essence of thought – some in the depth, the chasm of the recondite on beaches with book in hand, deduction in mind, hurry, that what is deciphered be given for this and that time as needed
calm heads and a prevailing thread of the balance
to the exhausted wasted and abused
souls what they have to lose is U

if it is nobody that can come through
if the war against them is too big
the armies too strong
the corruption too deep
the blood too thick
in the blackened burnt streets

to too many feet trampled on and crushed his head, the bones of his vertebrae
stomped out, and all smashed into the ground
this saint that now is dead
murdered like a life that was not so precious after all
so say the haters of truth – so said in criminal actions maligned of corruption without disruption of those sworn to uphold these protections
without any introspection these sections of blindness still get no sight

after all, would not the masses who know, who knew – would they have come to rescue what they know to be true
would they not call for the equality of he who became the POW
would they not say, he is MIA – the tormented & beaten of psychological warfare still sending the physical violence to the front lines of any moment that he can find in time

as no force of right, of democracy, of a people with a voice to demand the change needed for his being resurrected

so what about that Marine so honorable – is he still gone though ghosting among us!


goodnight with love and flowers 1

goodnight with love and flowers 1


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