” in a haunted world of houses ” – everyday poetry 163

Today @ the Veterans Writing Workshop, i did not make it in time… , again i was not there in time for the prompt – and tomorrow i have my appointments @ the VA so right now, i will do a brief writing, i don’t know how long, but today at the workshop, it was really nice to have everyone there! all 7 of us Rick, Terre, Wes, Adam, Patrick, Erick (Joe will make 8 but he was at the college – in hiatus for about a year for the pursuit of career goals) & myself , with Leilani, our fearless leader & writing coach!

002717 on thursday october 9th 2014

free writing

” in a haunted world of houses “

my eyes, been tired all day today

my demeanor stuck in the demeanor of over 17 now

my pulse dead to the numbness of cholesterol just over 290

must be the stress of trauma unending

the four cowards and the cowards teams

to hide truths that hold the keys to why i was murdered in the first place

☞ 💔 ☜

they, christian satanists

lay in wait for their next victim

while they feed themselves the lies that they met

out to themselves as medicine

for the pain of the truth they still hide in the darkness of their mendacities

like drivel from their lips with the words that just spew from their spouts

☞ 💔 ☜

their halos still in tact

made of artifice, as the veil they hide feigned innocence behind

the man in the black robe sits at their sides in laughter

billowing out hideous retched sounds that shriek the ears of those in earshot

to his death shall he carry the weight of his corruption

with his legions of demons who stand opposed to the oaths they once took

☞ 💔 ☜

he, yes they pushed forward for his agenda of political prisoners to speak no more

speak no more, less the veil lifted from corruptions that bleed to the streets

of the horror they continue to seek

the war against the citizenry – to fall for the lessening of civility

the reverse march for those who gave all for democracy

too been doomed to the highways of their disparity

given as a sacrifice to a livelihood for their family of crooks

and of those acting with integrity

nonetheless, they no match for the underground army of too late to straighten all the shit out for fear of exposure and collapse of their ill gotten currency!

☞ 💔 ☜

this need not remain in the fine states of the Americas as mysteries

veraciousness been sown to many souls far and wide

none of them wishing to let it die inside

and me to wonder for which day is right

if it is that the strength of a Marine now does fight

or still wait for the back-up to undo cover-ups

☞ 💔 ☜

were is he to find such for the stability of his long drained soul

drenched in a bath of diseases from people he now never sees

and should they be found please before they never to cease and deceased

if i could finally get that breath of fresh air, if i could finally find a way out of despair

is there any for a flair of a helping hand in such a strange act of care

found the recondite to be ascertained in the foundation of truth = justice for all

in this land of democracy that he put his own life out on the line

for everyone in his and those in the next time

☞ 💔 ☜

so not only his art

but these pages to burn

like the passions that bring fire out of a souls true desire

so yearning to shake a ghost loose to he who has been dying to live outside

fresh earth squished between his toes

with oxygen to the nose to breath a fresh gulp of air in relief

☞ 💔 ☜

what he still misses

in a haunted world of houses

ghosts feed not on their own despair

but truth relived in those who still have the full grasp of air

so to be un-trapped from trauma of the vile who dared to malign life in the first place

either to then live again

or to be sent back to the path of their next point of journey

no longer to roam

in a haunted world of houses


just outside this window is life

just outside this window is life


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