” The unseen contribution of a Veteran – Today and Yesterday “– everyday poetry 164

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 @ I don’t know what time it was – it was to be a 25 minute time writing, and I don’t think we had 25 minutes, but who knows – my writing seems short! We had 4 of us Veterans today – Rick, Erick, Wes, & myself, and our fearless leader – Leilani !

The unseen contribution of a Veteran – Today and Yesterday

who served &* for what

I wonder how many others of my family of Service have these thoughts

these outbursts of

I can’t believe I served for this shit

this racist assed shit

this peevish assed shit

where people feel good when they lord over people in the trivial

as well as depth of seriousness that really takes, shakes, thieves life away from the souls that were lorded upon…

I know not

just my few day to daily events that are maybe partly in my head

or the realities of what I trudge through instead

The things that should not make me wish that I were dead, but should make me instead channel my Corps, my Semper Fi, my always being on point, on shotgun, & covering the rear when need be… which is a fluctuating task from situation to situation. Instead, at times it just boils up, it takes hold, it – what the fuck is… it ?

It is the gauntlets of predators on 6th street

between los angeles and maple

it is the people in standing in the middle of the escalators, on the sidewalks

– at the top of the stairs, sitting on the stairs, the passage ways

where people need to pass to get to where they are going

the people that don’t want to be stuck behind moronic thoughtlessness

for whatever reasons

The people who block the doors when U are trying to get off the trains etc.

– that is just from the walking and riding busses and trains

and there is the fellow homeless populations

I am right there with them

but they want to ask me for money

for my quarter, for my dollar, the… do U have 2 dollars in your pocket?

the money that I have or don’t

as if I don’t want to get far the fuck out of this skid row show that plays crack and cancer gauntlets as if it were party time daily

in the few days of rain and 500 & 60 days of sunshine

hot or the few days of cool

when temperaments should mellow

I never want to be this fellow

this neighbor of depressive paintings everywhere one walks

to add to the depressive state of subjectivity

the reasons to fight negativity

so to our War Lord

Cheney Rant

for the profiteering off of the pawns

we who had to join

no other way out of the pot but to join

do something

but we wanted to

of our choices, and the lack thereof

to preserve this freedom

to stop the bullies who have only taken from us

who continue to take from us

from our situation

the profiteers come for our heads

for their weight in gold to double & triple their treasures with no trickle at all

so precious is the life of those eating from the finest porcelain

with silver goblets and gold forks, fancy cars and sprawling estates

the castles that belong not the hands that built them

not to the money that paid for them

the “change” extracted from the pockets of those trying to live an elusive dream

why is it that there is no voice for our collective scream

because we are separated at birth and given to the story written for ourselves

without checking the text, without challenging this so called destiny

the fate that had been dealt to the poor hopeless non-thinking zombies

that is not who we are

we served

we are the great potentus the great inspiration to others

with experience, with love for humanity, with civility in the soul

the nation of the War Junky be damned

for life is precious

angels past is U'r protection into delapidation

angels past is U’r protection into delapidation

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