” Eternal pros of erosion ” – everyday poetry 167

“Eternal pros of erosion”


I saw the youth and the spryness of young

I saw the self loathing and the soul spring to the dung

I saw what I saw like the ringing of the bell

I have seen from whence they came

Out of the fires of synthetic hell


All the hells out of this dysfunction and that

And the sirens screaming louder than that of the screams for help

We left laying on the floor

A third grateful failed attempt

And still here with us now

But only grateful for such a period of time

was it for those who can’t deal with the pain of loss


but for the soul whose days were as lost as the morning dew evaporated by the sun

was but another challenge to great chaos of no more change than when

it was tried to say goodnight, goodbye, good riddings to the last of pain

so it was thought – but now, the sun shining again


and so years to pass

on a journey to stability

the other side of erosion

the side of erosion of weights being lifted

of handwriting being gifted

to this and that soul looming

in the heat of passions not to be paid attention to

for it is the violence of no understanding

and wanting to shred it from the presence


peace loving and still

all in the will

of giving and bequeathed

after the time that one really does leave

is the sentiment of the tangible

always there like a ghost

seen and experienced in movement


I hear the steps

positively audible

to the growth of tomorrow

to the hand of many years of sorrows

to the yearning of hope barrowed

until it can be grasped for ones-self


the dreams that have been collecting dust

upon the shelves

are now being played with

drawn upon

written about

expounded upon

and sung out loud


no more the shroud lurking

to steal what once was stolen

now in the radiance

photosynthetic vibrantly collecting colors

diligently sharing in timeless collections

and so the sun now setting

for a tomorrow chased sorrows

to the embrace of what may be held

in the eternal pros of erosion


so oft does it go both ways

to often does it go just one way

so we explore at how

it can go today!


Eternal pros of erosion


Wednesday, November 19, 2014 @ fin 11:56:28


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