” burn it ” – everyday poetry 168

11:40:26 on Wednesday, November 26, 2014

burn it

if U can

if it is not already burnt

or maybe U get a double double burnt

really burnt


burn it

straight out of the mind

if it comes back again

burn it again

and again and again again


can U burn it out of the mind


burn it


burn baby burn

like years of oppression

and no atonement for the sin

fuck the sin

the crimes against humanity

the crimes against a person

a people

even chasing them from inside the steeple

and in the basement

and anywhere one hopes to hide

from the monsters inside

the casings of the uncivil


burn it

all the dribble

and the hatred

spewing from the lips

of blocked brains

all stained with the strain of

it’s o.k. totally acceptable

that a point can not be seen

and only animosity driven

riddled a whole nation

full of bullets

with strays and direct shots

hitting targets of innocence

targets of just being this color or that


burn it

because it is not the nobility

so one thinks

because for centuries

been cloaked in stink

feel the depth of the pain of the nonhuman

only within the minds of the Grinch

they stole more than Christmas

they stole more than a year

they stole more than everything

tear after tear


burn it

I shall

I try

I really want to


so I write it

I want to write it

share it

it must be shared

before it burns for the lack of sanity

shall it find dirt paths that it travels

and pathed roads and walks

where open mouths do speak, yes talk

reason and logic in the chalices

deep red poured slowly

bringing the tongue around

In vino veritas – (n wine there is truth)

hearing it finally

vincit veritas – (truth prevails)

hearing it finally

there is a people freed

there is a person freed

there is civility freed


burn it

give it to the gods

give it to a free conscious

so one can do what it is for peace

what it is for peace

is release

so if U burn it first –

can U ever go back –

to visit the road of justice

to visit the road of accountability

to visit the road of freedom


the animosities

burn it


& heres my doodle for the day – Burn It collaborative

burn it

burn it





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