” spent in the heavens ” – everyday poetry 169

i wrote this poem on the train – during 2 trips – i am sure that it did not take long – there is a date in the middle – as how it was written in my journal… but – i did

like the dead oak leaf

laying on the ground


so to my body decaying
  waiting to be found
trying to say a million things
without making a sound
like the leaves that wither
entrenched into the ground,
The deposed circumference
like the wearing of a crown
The eternal prose of erosion
flirting with the worms
tunneling to the abyss
The happy dance that is this
{09:22:31 on 11/19/14}                              🍁
brokenness emulsified,
the liquid of being will soon become been
and the evaporation of the now and then
to be spent in the heavens
The eternal  wrap
gifted to the souls that received
and yet to receive
like the leaves on a newborn tree
is the essence of you & me
before the descent

before the descent –

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