I CAUGHT BELIEF LIKE A DISEASE – everyday poetry 170

this prompt was given by our Veteran friend Eric (Army) he found it from another writer, and we used it today – present was also Patrick, Rick, Wes, Ramon, and our fearless leader Leilani, and Terre, another Army Veteran was off to Hawaii (Yea!!! for her ! )

12 10 14 @ 11 45 44


because i did not want to believe that it was true

i did not want to feel all the pain that it brought

with all of its colors bleeding in my soul but for a few

a few that still did not stream

was all of the grays

but the blacks and blues were strong

they were mixed into the crimson reds

some dried and some fresh pigment streaming from the inside to the outside of this flesh


i caught belief like a disease

because i did not want to believe it was true

the how do U dos from people in suits and ties and skirts and silk shirts

and none the time for flirts with life’s most important question

the realities of life that keep a heart beating strong

no – this was in the seriousness of taking an innocent down

taking the crown that the innocent never knew that they had

taking everything a person had ever had

had ever known and thought that they knew

just like it would be for all who view and behold


i caught belief like a disease

because i did not want to believe it was true

that there are agendas that people with power have

people who are charged with the defense of the citizenry

but who have an agenda against the people

against the people to propagate using them for money

no matter their deaths

but for money, for gain they are


i caught belief like a disease

the disease of the scum that stole and is stealing

the disease that keeps on taking and never giving

but death does it loom over the head and before the eyes

and death does it strike out any hopes one may have

and the conversations overheard

and the conversations one discerns that were had

conversations that are still held at the atrocities of power


i caught belief like a disease

while searching for a cure

while the curators thereof continue to find infections to strengthen their plague

no baptisms in the lakes for fires consumption

but disruptions of the democracies that we all put our lives on the line

for these beliefs


i caught belief like a disease

in realizing all that is untrue

not like the first epiphanized found love

on the ground being stomped to death in it’s head

when all of the sound pounded from its heart

muffled and shackled and brought to it’s knees

made for the begging of it’s truth to be known please


this disease

inviting fleas

to a pile of dung

these collective masses

in their ties and their suits

with feigned positions in tact

but in fact these beasts they are devils

in turmoiled hell for the slack of those still under attack

because they dared to believe that democracy was true

that it is really for all who reside in this Nation still new

because they wished to believe that life is as precious as it is – because it is

because it is taken away so frivolously by the powers that be

seemingly with nothing that a commoner can do

even when gathered and more than a few


this disease

we all know the cure

but so hard for the many to come together for a listening session

and so many want to speak, may bring discord, may make the efforts week

so write it out – i hope U will,

as i shall do too

and then to sit still

hearing 5, or 10

and still maybe 20 and more

in order to ruminate


let it sit in

come back with more writings

and let the ideas begin

this cure for this disease

yes there is a need

and so when we come back next time

we will allocate the resources to find more resources in find

and then we will change this path

this disease


anguished love

anguished love

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