what would i wrap for myself – the holidays – everyday poetry 171

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 4.43.27 PMif U are going to need a friendly environment for the continuation of processing and healing, and U are a Veteran, i suggest a writing workshop with Veterans = i have been in this one for a year and a half or so, and when writing about painful topics or topics that bring up the pain… it is good to have other Vets around! it has been for me… and though Christmas and the holidays in general have been downers for me… well, Veterans are family  that understand, are nonjudgmental and build U up=like our writing coach too.

what gift would i wrap for myself, a prompt from our 1 and only Woman Veteran Terre, we hope to find more who want to join us on our journey… just saying

what would i wrap for myself

what would be my stocking stuffers

what would i … would i,  … what would i

i haven’t a clue

i try to do all i can do

and i am not dismayed that i can just all of a sudden

oh, i am over it, or oh, time to move on, or oh, i can really shake this shit off

why is it that the holidays are so …

i don’t want to sing all the silly assed lame songs that took this long to soak into my skin and to get me riddled over and over again with all the hell and those that created it to lord over me what they are still getting away with like murdering a lamb in the road that only loved and gave everything that it was … which is the basics of that love

what would i wrap for myself

still it would be health

still it would be mental stability

still it would be any and all stability

i would wrap up a healthy meal… or three for every day of the year

i would wrap up the ability to have all the water that was fresh and good to drink

i would wrap up a wonderfully comfortable vehicle that would take me to the mountains, would take me far away, would allow me to socialize with one or many lovers… a lover… until or if i knew that there were no other… but no other… well until i would know that i wanted no other, that’s it, and if i could sell myself that same desire to my then lover… magical that would be… i am sure!

i would wrap up so much stability that i could start my journey to grad school

i would wrap up the ability to then be able to finally give to my Veteran Family, Art as a means of therapy, as it has kept me from the dark side on thousands of occasions

i would wrap up a way to sell one million boxes of cards, so that i could earn my stability, i could be a person who then shares my art in millions of homes with millions of souls going on journeys familiar and individually unique

i would wrap up this self hatred and send it on a journey far away, where it would dissipate into the ground and revert to the daisy, and the strong roots of dandelions wonderful medicinal properties to again heal, giving the positive that was buried deep inside of it the ability to heal more than just the one… maybe a hundred problems that it once new deep inside of only one soul

for myself, i would wrap up an estate with acres of land, a place where the hand of oppression would be slow if at all, able to reach me any more, it would be a gated community, or a gated estate, it would have the room to assist maybe 11 – 17 Veterans who are contributors to society, but who like me have been in squalor – at the doings of disabilities, the estate would be filled with farm raised fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and avocados, oats and sushi, catered food and homemade foods, many luxuries, including that of dogs and cats and maybe horses, workshops and transportation, all the needs to succeed in the max contributions to society – with an unstuck mind,

and of course i would wrap up endless art equipment and studio space

collection 1

collection 1

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