writing to beauty – everyday poetry 172

January 14 2015

i seen U at a bus stop

i seen U in my head

i seen U in my afterthought

i seen U today instead


you made me hear the rhetoric

in a thoughtful set of words

2 million of them to a picture

2 million of them between the lines


they brought sounds of introspect

and a cure to the cataclysmic myopia that chases apathy to nowhere it has not been before

but out the door is my hopeful

for the store of resonated words to make way for a path of success

where dreams are seen


the energy for them to go up stream

the energy for them to climb to the highest peaks

intaking the delicious greens as optical release of tension

as the broadening of lungs for the breadth of breath so fresh

to the likening of another start


i seen you making your way

i seen you and wished your likeness to stay


your spirit and your beauty

your intelligence and your beauty

your energy and your beauty

your wit and your beauty

your everything and your beauty

and a wish that i add to

your beauty


where respect is found and commanded

where respect is given and allotted

where respect for and of is because – = of = –


i hear in you


a similarity

a yearning


to z



these and the paragraph written

these and the the thought of staying

these and the words i’m praying

hoping & wishing

giving them, i wish not so easily to the hopelessness

and the romantic

that i have not practiced

the smooth touch of whoever it was that i thought i could be

and if it brought me closer to your beauty

how i wished this is what you would see


so i write to beauty

the who i am

i write to beauty

the love from stem

i write to beauty

the flower i see

i write to beauty

i write to beauty


that i am beauty masculine from your feminine

that i behold beauty a little more easily

from the streets i walk

from ugly voices in talk

from this place to that

it is written like beheld


lights flight to overnight c

lights flight to overnight –

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