” God Saturated & the nerd within ” – everyday poetry 173

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There is something so sweet about being a nerd … the nerd within

God don’t think stuffs funny (bill ingles father – you might be a red neck , blue color tour … blah blah

His sister sneezed in the collection plate

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 @ 11:27:47


 “God saturated & the nerd within”


god saturated since…


U know

when a soul is down and can’t get up

and the christians say


god won’t give U more than U can handle

it’s all gods plan

it will all work out to the good of God

give it all to god

put your trust in jesus

have faith

god won’t let nothing bad happen to you


and meanwhile

while in the cave of no solace

the vile from every corner of the earth

converging on your front line

in the encircled kind of warfare that U never signed up for

a war that is not yours

but still


U have to fight it – even without weapon – without the ability to lift the truth from the tongue

and watch as innocents drop

as U drop

and isolated

all alone

no plan of attack to take out an enemy who are only planning your demise


don’t god saturate me

be a real person

look at the situation

see the pain of the person

feel the distress


and if U can’t do a damned thing about

just listen


so to find a solution

so to maby find a solution

because god don’t think shits funny

not this shit

when one has fallen to the hands of wanting destruction

for no other reason to be a scapegoat who was not involved


but dragged kicking and screaming in the distressed mass of no comprehension – but the dark that keeps clouding mind, memory, and ones own want to stop the existence of pain


for there to be any hope in realities of love is truth

so I channel the nerd within

something so sweet about being a nerd

so deeply in touch with the inner U

that the word nerd finds words to write about the subjects that don’t sit right

and those that do and are just silly too


and perhaps U won’t laugh about the god saturation

because god don’t think shit is funny

not this shit anyway

but we know she is up there just laughing her ass off

his ass off

its ass off


oh for the love of aliens

don’t beam that shining light in my eyes again

don’t shine the light on any brilliance that may be trying to squeak it’s way out

please don’t crush me with logic and reasoning

what we all wanted in the first place

Reductio ad Absurdum

in the case of kingdom nerdum


spun the rifts with the twists that sophisticated criminals used in the first place with fists…

the violence of the mind altering lies to try the truth that was thrown in the dumpster


how sweet it is to be a nerd to find a sweet way to confront that of the vile found in tiles of art forever giving history to that which they wish would forever be hidden


so i give U this poem, and soon the poem from the week before… beseeching forgiveness,  as the overwhelming thoughts of the vile continuing to prosper in their ill gotten triumph plagues me.

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