” killer bunny ” – everyday poetry 174

today’s prompt comes from our friend Eric – an Army Veteran  – Ignorant and want come together

this poem was written last week, please forgive the instability, and is partly why i go to the Veteran Writers gourd in the first place… as a point of therapy… – peace and love and enjoy –


” Killer bunny “


10 minute timed writing

cut me in half already

to my used to 20 minutes

so to use our writing prompts from Eric – Army


the killer bunny

have U seen the fluffy bundle of fur

so cute, cutesy, cute as hell, and fluffy


thoughts …

I seen it kill a carrot

I seen it kill a smile

I seen it kill some paper

With little bunny piles


but really


kill her bunny

not unless she asks

don’t think it’s funny

unless she asks U to laugh


I am not ignorant

but my want has surfaced

in a timed writing

we hear there is a surplus


so in the inane of nothing but the tame

bunnies running here and there, and look over there

they are everywhere

just as I wished, just as I want it to be, just as I need a vision and a reason to live


nothing wrong with a bunny ranch

is it that this is where I am

a bunny with a hat

a bunny

bounce bounce bounce

a bunny trail

riding the rails

and on the bikes

and speaking into the MIC


telling us twice

won’t U please be nice and polite

except when I need U to be naughty

in the kill her bunny series

for all the weary in mind

all of the time

◘☐▪︎☐◘Nature & natures beauty

did U think U were thinking stable

set in a hand on table

when the hand has nothing to hold

but the time when we do

when we have sweet furry bunnies

fluffy fluffy bunnies

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