” from the twilight zone ” – everyday poetry 175

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 @ 11:19:43


Twilight zone prompt by Adam – Army Veteran


“from the twilight zone”


how about just a zone…

as I don’t know if I can find the twilight

where things are not right

at least they have not been for awhile

at least not with a certain amount of fright


not from the external sources

too are frightful and most likely not right, so

to go from a place that is not real, or that one wishes was not real

i think I may know just how one feels


or I wish I could wake up from this twilight zone

wish I could find a place to call home

a place


maybe I want to go to the twilight zone

maybe it is there where there is a place called home

all of this unreal feelings of happiness and bliss

when gone away there is none of this

I am so confused and not in a trip

but a trap –

I am not sure if I can come back


I am looking for a road

looking for the road less traveled


poking around at the strategists

mind blowing powers at work

of course, blowing a fuse

can’t see a course

but if I did

I would find a muse

maybe a box of muses


tools in the toolbox

i walked across the street

Egyptian cotton on the bed now

not to see a dead cow

plowing dirt for strawberries

in need of sweet red cherries


 life’s ferry with plenty of magic dust

brings to my eyes a vision I can finally trust

it is the muse I have been waiting for

the angel with devils horns

happy with laughter to the bones

creating mental images

creating color spaces

creating wordology for the nerdom kingdom

creating a world of wholesome food

creating a safe place from the monsters that live under the bed

the monsters that feel free when out of the head


making twilight zones no matter where one goes

I see the van blurring crowds

white light flights to no more sight and sounds

a baby girl floats the crowds

screams and crying no longer loud


I see a bullet in slow motion

coming from behind the perimeter

dangling in my near left peripheral

wanting my head to be a millimeter to the left, or north


the twilight zone

brings this and so much more home

I mean to the brain

where it is I wish there was restraint

from the twilight zone


Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 3.43.44 PM


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