hacker – twilight zone – everyday poetry 176

hacker – twilight so in our talk, we talked about hackers and the same theme as last week with Adam, and we may be doing a special project. it will be cool, and we will share it in different ways. i did not publish this wednesday, i am just trying to work on some stability right now. so here it is on friday. on march 4 2015 @ 12.09.15

hacker – twilight

he was in a zone with his girlie

almost nude pics

so curvaceous

the smooth silky skin and the long flowing locks with a sheen that could take U to any river

the gestures on the face of come hither, and ooooggghhhh you make me feel so good


this the hacker of your lonely male soul

coming to collect all your money

after first smooching U

the digital smooch,


the hackless messages to let U know U are appreciated

the insightful comments that really aren’t insightful at all

your just so glad to have such a gorgeous creature talking to U

taking an interest in you


every picture is a smile

most of them half naked

almost a full titty drop to drop your jaw

and communication


thank U for noticing me

even with all the meaningless words

self centered conundrum

just can’t get myself out

then all the inbox messages

hey, do U want to buy my pictures he says


then U say,

your not even a chick,

you have to be a dude

what chick that does not know me first

who is going to take this kind of liking to me without even first knowing me


all pissy

and he shouts

computer shouts

oh, so U think i am not a girl j

ust wait a minute… U

… livid about being taken

U push the button delete friend

oh, it is unfriend

meanwhile a picture is sent

photoshopped girl with a hand written sign

oh, you think i’m not real hah !

yes –

your twilight zone!

(i don’t have that picture – maybe it is archived somewhere in my … maybe 100,000 pics, maybe it is 10,000?)

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 4.18.16 PM

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