find U’r angels – everyday poetry 180

find U’r angels 

find U’r angels
and demons screaming
find U’r angels
and demons streaming
find U’r angels
and demons freaking
find U’r angels
but demons triple teaming
21 18 29
can U feel me stretched
glaring at the bowl
can U feel my steps in the cement
do my footprints leave a glow
can U sense my thought
if U do – will U please let me know
shadows to the castles of the towers that we are
angels quietly standing by
as the demons yell – why why why
& won’t U give this a try
as those who do
rip our angels out from the skies
and but for living
the essences of receiving
that first came from giving
but to the selfish and greedy
the me Me Me me
glory and the crystal heaven
worry and the sulfuric ground
caving in on the watch towers
and in one’s head
is the worry of hours and hours
until in the body no more power
and apathy’s song is why bother
depression and hopelessness sings this song too
as does the onset of any of the crazy mazes of trauma
the heat of the fire is the from head to toe lava
and the words no matter how meaningful
coming from these and those lips
straight talk, and shot from the him
but all sounds just like
blah blah blah blah
even if sound
tidal wave
an anguished scream
a lost dream streamed for miles it seems
a shimmer in the night
the sunshine so bright
trying to awake the soul
from constant vile of night
but sometimes we have
but a glimmer of good
a constant hand from the angel
to make celestial planets sing
in the glee of wind caresses
and the washing process of dust blown
no longer the residence
of your trying to find home
always wanting to take your hand
love is
sound value investment for the inside of you
the inside of me that i have been trying to nurture
aside the contaminants shot into the air like the dust from cannons
gone a mile here and there and everywhere
trying to cover U with the smut as high as mountains
could be none of your own at all
but they by damned to try to make U fall
trying to make me fall
so it is that i must make a call
i must gain the know
from all the hills that have been climbed
all the straight and barren paths that have been endured
all the memories of smiles given, and those that were shared
with audible laughter, can we get back to these types of creation
not only for the easiness of creating civility for the world sinking to the abyss of stingy
but for the health of the individuals who look at the overall topography
the collective eclecticism of earthlings streaming from one life to another
and like the clocks ticking, learning the mechanics of the clock is critical to having even one more second
finding love - finding stability = art therapy

finding love – finding stability = art therapy

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