Lost Angels everywhere i go – everyday poetry 182

i seen U in my walk from skid row & Lost Angels everywhere i go

including me

i tried to get past all of it because i don’t like how i see myself
and reminders we all are then
in the proximity

i have to get from under all these low places in the sky high

it is basically about the waning of health
the path of balance
the road to the best me
if you are on it too
then to the best U
like being in a pond of filth
second hand crack
second hand smoke
and third hand smoked rising up from burning paper
melting asphalt
elusive memories
and brilliant ideas
taking its turn in the ebb and flow of ash cinders
to burn out

but the fire

what did it birth

what strength did it give

what reflection in you

did i see in me


if it is the positive verve of expression

if it is that of a reminder
i need to judge myself less
i need to walk in the same freedom as i seen U stepping in to dance
as lifes dance is at times slow
at times this tango is fast
sometimes it is sensual
like the earth spinning
the planets mixing

the stardust elixir

found in every cup of soup
every cup of tea
every interaction
that moves in the curvy delineation of life’s ebb and flow
the mixture of all
the duty to the call
the raise of the roof
the depiction
the ascertainment
the proof
a chest rising to fall
a stomach balooning to contract
birds whistling in the inhale and exhale
wheels smoothly moving with the motion of life
strapped to the feet to take U and make U who U are

i see U’r crowns

in the middle of the street

i see U’r Emmy
flung from your hands, your state, your creative plate
tossed out to the chaos of the sands of the land
and dirt that becomes etched into the cracks and crevices
we see the monsters toppled down
in the face of the reality of wanting to live
and what is it that makes U live better
they say that it is the crack that has reached the middle and upper class
they say that it was cocain that they used to do freely
they say that a person who wishes to breath clean air
is of that airy feeling
of class but without title
oh wait that is me

Ramon’s Vid of the lost Angels and some that were found

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