” Life lived in breath’s rise and fall ” – everyday poetry 183

Life lived in breath’s rise and fall

how many times in the crawl

life lived without any walls

narrowed paths leading to a dead ended hall

💜 💔 💜

listen a little

to get a clear picture

laugh a little

so as not to get way to caught up in the subject matter

don’t worry about crying

or the lack of being able to catch your breath

in the moments of elation, and the moments of treacherous sorrow

💜 💔 💜

rise up to swallow the fragrance of flowers

springs colors for more than an hour

reaching the skies in a stretch for tomorrow

32 things that i wish to borrow

they are from you and intimately posed in questions not hollow

💜 💔 💜

so to the rise and fall

making us wish we ran out of breath more often

making us wish we had been right at the brink of passing out again

making us wish – and making us go toward the light and the dark with an open mind

💜 💔 💜

can we hear another’s breath

can we see another’s life rise and fall

can we idly stand by in the visionary spaces of our cataclysmic reactions not yet stated

can we

💜 💔 💜

as a leaf tumbles down from atop a 4th story height of a tree still kissing the skies smiling sun

finding the inner belly laughter in abdominal tightening laughter as one squirms upon the floor

and in the presence of ironies that are pleasant to behold because one thought hope closed all the doors

and the beach front property that you found yourself on without a notice of going forward

💜 💔 💜

life lived in the hell and the chasing of joy

heard that breath rise and fall again for the entry of the next capture

aligned with stars for the sake of life worth rapture

dug in the hole where it was digging digging digging for gold

and everything else of that same kind of value

💜 💔 💜

it was the words that were spoken

it was the soul feeling of truth not broken

it was the safekeeping of time well spent

it was life lived in breaths rise and fall


burn it

burn it

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