” Happy Birthday Adam ” – everyday poetry 185

today, June 10th we celebrated the person of one of our Veterans – Adam

Happy Birthday Adam


Happy Birthday Adam

Life begins with the onslaught of awareness

And anything

114547 for 18


well, 18 may have been a few years ago


past the time of your enlistment


to serve your great country


your nation U did


and this awareness


was it early on


you seen the rainbow


and what they really meant by gold


the gold


I heard some singing today


it meant everything in the world to a soul in a bowl


sparked imagination


spark for a fire


a fire that put the energy behind cooking


which goes along with the craving of anything that will quench the thirst


for great tasting meals and wonderful desserts


and a cold pressed fusion for the explosion of taste buds appeal




happy awareness


happy anything


is the wish that you have all the best of anything in making U happy


did you come from seeing one more doggy


a client of yours – as U are also their client


did you see the hills run into the bay of lifes ebb and flow


for water we consist of


and leaked were the thoughts similar and different


for the making of tomorrows art


tomorrows writings


added to what has been written today


and the nomenclature of your favorite plants


has it been then leaked through the soil through the medicinal roots to something that sooths the soul through the absorption of laying on the ground for a change


we hear that song


what it meant to me


so different maybe, to what it means to you


but a gift you gave of wanting for Veterans


the awareness


the depth of wellness


the simplicity to having the complexities embraced


for another solution or two


so you dragged them in


those who serve – and those who served


those you see – to whom deserve

everthing wonderful in the fullness of life and anything

happy Birthday Adam

happy Birthday Adam


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