Eternal Rainbow – – everyday poetry 188

The Eternal Rainbow


blowing happy sunshine out your ass


oh and then to lay in the grass


look up into the sky


and the rainbow kisses that gives melt to the heart


and so all that positive energy


a shot of crack to the negative sinking soul


oh the energy zapped flesh that once drearily roamed the atmospherical heaviness of all the droplets drowning the ever sunk depressants feeding me, or is it you and how many others


now, with a couple more hits of this permanent rainbow strain


we will be back to live, excited so much more often, than the once in the blue moon


because the blue moon is now too overcast with the eternal rainbow!


shout to the body of the laying


relentlessly stick to your positivity


less it be harmful in the masking of your own pain


but then when that too is finally out in the open


for sure


grab a few more hits of the eternal rainbow




a few minutes while listening to the other Veterans Terre, Adam, Rick and our writing coach Leilani


it’s about finding a solution – not necessarily drugs


according to Adam, a blue moon is any time there is 2 full moons fall within the same month, and he was right, and he thought it to be maybe 2 to 3 in a year, and it is actually, from the internet, says that it is likely once in about every 2and ½ years. And there is more to the explanation, I did not look it up, Terre did and you can too.


Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.44.05 PM

synthetic rainbow pic – linked to over 350 pieces of art created as art therapy

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