” reading poetry of old ” – everyday poetry 189

13:54:20 we sat here 4 Vets and a writing coach Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 2.29.26 PM talking about writings

new and old too

and there we are

and here we are

this new journey

so much insight so much soul spilled upon the table

and still in our bodies

willing and able yearning too to write it

spill it out spill the beans

the thoughts and everything

and in-between

do we write it and burn it

purge our bodies of the rot

rid ourselves of negative spaces that we wish to close

it didn’t work for me the first time

nor the second time

❊ first time 

that spiritual epiphany seeing the angels of brilliance looking upon me it’t time to wake the fuck up as the harps did make melodies and make peaceful sounds for the inner person to hear and maybe they did not say it’s time to wake the fuck up but rather come on kenneth you were given a brain, now use it and WAKE THE FUCK UP! o.k. again, that is me, the Marine don’t forgive me, i don’t need your forgiveness that is who i am sometimes   but what i destroyed all the poems of a young man all the lusts for life that were not to be ashamed of of all that sin SIN SIN SIN oh that beautiful sin that lust for life the appreciation of life the inspiration of life for the next breath we take to want to then, take it i destroyed all of my devilish poems i destroyed all my rock and roll albums all 2 or 3 hundred of them and hundreds of cassettes too i was a born again fool! and how about you me, there is not a day i did not regret it even when i thought i didn’t do U know about suppression

❊ second time ❊

it was mostly about that which was lost that which was stolen it was not really my choice it was everything my life, my person, my possessions, my health, my character too in a way stolen to cynicism after knowing what crimes people can commit against a vulnerable soul all from the lips of the mendacious four and the others that joined in and let them score commit crimes more and more even to this day do they not desist i started destroying the things i said about them i started early on they were the true words, and not so true wishes for the real wish just that truth prevail   so my promise to me the promise to a better world i shall not again destroy what is written from these hands to your paper to your computer screen your audio book, your holographic device, nor your compressed reality developer (what i just made up – isn’t it fun!)   so my journals on my shelf, the journals at storage, and all the papers of my attempts to get help, and the book i am trying to write, the book i shall write, shall my heart and health continue to work, at least the way it is right now!   i shall never burn it, in fact, as it is a part of a wonderful growth of a world that could use just a bit more civility, i shall try to share what i can, and the others can remain in the conclaves of man made caves for someone to find, someone to find, and what will it be, the giving of the wisdom for free, i hope that it is so, from me to U. 141540 minus a minut or 2

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 2.29.26 PM

to lighten the mood is a picture forever in my head – please click it to see the art created by this Marine, who happens to be disabled … ! it is for you to gain

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