dear sitting bull, buddha, jesus, allah, mahatma gandhi, Reverend Martin Luther King jr. and people on the spiritual path – about the toxic christianity and the christian satanists – everyday poetry 191

i had to let go of another friend this weekend

a christian

the toxicity that i speak of

the judgmental


trying to make people the way they think they should be

trying to mandate the way they think they should respond to the atrocities that their christian family has committed, and continues to commit.

i do believe in love

but i find the ways of the christianity to be farcical

rather, it may just be the ways of the (some) christians themselves

you need to forgive, i think you have resentment… blah blah blah

this from a simple conversation where the people who continue to commit crimes against me were not even remotely mentioned

i asked how do you even get that from our conversation

we have not spoke for a 1/4 of a year… because of my feeling of this person not thinking things through, and not being loving, not trying to understand nor be supportive of the loving decisions that i make – to not be vengeful etc.

i am writing the book to be sure, then everyone can see the crimes that are continuously committed against me… but only to hope for correction that has not yet come, and to hope for the opportunity for the needed change that this nation needs to make.

so my friend, i likely will never speak to you again, for you understand not that there are christian satanists in your midsts, i don’t really think you are one of them, i just think you don’t think enough about what you talk about, and how you try to berate somebody.

it is true, everyones parents die, if we live long enough – but we can at least give as much love and appreciation to them while they are alive, and appreciate the lessons and wonderful times when they are gone. And yes, your daughter was born with more challenges in disabilities than any child should have to bear. that too was not done to you, it was just done as a matter of birth, and complications. seems like you and yours are handling it well, and with much love to the little one which is wonderful. that is very commendable

and what happened and happens to me is done to me, it is something that people are choosing to do, they choose to continue their evil crimes against me each and every day. TOTALLY DIFFERENT. sorry that you did not care to see the difference, but that is fine, it is o.k.  – i understand your lack of capacity, but i can’t partake in your toxicity toward me.

so, goodbye. i have said this to how many other Christians or as i sometimes refer to as “christians” who know not the spirit of Christ at all – which is Love, and love means to understand, it means not to separate the truth of a situation. it means not to make a fantasy way of dealing with a situation, you don’t have to obsess about that which will always go on unless the freaks who are christian satanists capitulate their game to the love of God they say they follow.

find the spirit of God, and follow that, instead of being a nutcase judgmental freak who insists that your friends will have to change… i don’t want you to do that for me you see, you can do it or not… you say that you have few friends… maybe it could benefit you to see if you are not too judgmental on everybody, and if that is not why people do not wish to be a real friend. i gave you friendship, after you bashed me time and time again with your nonsensical judgement, and refusal of listening, loving and understanding

well my friend, goodbye!



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