” every accomplishment finds commitment & the condescension ” – everyday poetry 193

today we write with 3 VETS plus me – a Marine 🙂 Rick, Terre, Adam, myself, and our writing coach – Daughter of a Korean War Veteran, she is Leilani


every accomplishment finds commitment | by: yours truly

dealing with condescension | by: Rick (Air Force)


when the light came on today

it was way too early

no scream no dream

just another untold scene


it never reached my brains replay

it never said goodbye

it always tests my patience


having me on the shortest edge

having me

having me against the grain

having me in the stain

having me day and night

having me against the fight


the condescension of what i could wish were tails

brought in by a fairy weary of flying long trips on those little wings

and for all the people, those hopes and wishes that she brings

sing her now a little tune

a song of lullaby

goodbye to all the troubles looming

but she stays not in a day of gloom


and a beautiful princess i did meet

not spoiled but worked in fields not wheat

sweat she is, did i write down her name

frowned my face, that same thought claimed


determination makes commitment possible

tried in practice makes determination possible

attempts successful and failed makes the tried possible

failed attempts to the lofty dreams and goals makes determination possible


rather a must for the want of something different

want of something qualitatively more than sustenance

want of something like refreshed feet in a cool running brook that caresses not just your feet, but the stones smoothed and the sticks they carry, and the drink they give and the float of ferries

want the fullest of life

every accomplishment finds commitment


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