the shift the flow and the center dash – mass shootings – everyday poetry 194

the shift the flow and the center dash – mass shootings

the first prompt was by Adam Cloys – Army Vet, and the other by our fearless leader Leilani Squire – we also have Patrick – Marine, Terre – Army, Rick – Air Force


we found a word of gratitude from a spoon fed head and the temperature of media

we found a wake of fright in the sight of unsuspected monsters

we found that the monster was not a monster until his thoughts in his head could not be stopped any longer

we found that sometimes the monster is not a him

we found that in a world of no contemplation of saint like deeds – when one is or is not a saint, that our world suffers the turmoil of too much negativity piling up

we found, what did we find, in the light of not enough introspection and skills of deduction for solutions which come more readily in the light of pages read and experiences had that pertain to the everyday of what may or may not happen

so to find the shift, the flow and the center, to have the center of gravity holding you on a solid piece of ground and the guns and roses found for sound-scaped living rooms with the art of it all being an interpretive piece to most that the inanity of brass shell insanity – rather the heads that fell apart before or after the use was to become beautiful again so to as to be able to look at it at all

so we find in doing so

the lilies of the valley mingling with roses and poppies, dandelions, and daffodils with orchids and sarsaparilla all imbedded in grasses and mud, and dirt and floods and great lakes with crusty ground baked etc.

point in case, as much as it is nature for a few earthlings to be unsettled, because we do or do not have in place all the elements where the negative brain leak can find a patch and refill of the positive that leaked out, or was never put in, in the first place.

the shift the flow and the center – dash mass shootings

concerning mass shootings and all that is troublesome – would they never occur if the shift was from negative to positive, the introspection from retrospection

if the flow was from the unsettling to the settled in our mind to do better next time, with hopes that we did not do so bad in the first place, but we can be even better in response, in action required, in the maintenance of our sanity

so the center we go to, the center we look for, the center of our crew to get us to the center of our mind, and having a stronger center that is the core – is then a better balance for all that is happening.

16 minute timed writing!

the shift the flow and the center 

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