total eclipse of the heart – dolphins – elephants and great apes – higher mammals – everyday poetry 195

total eclipse of the heart – dolphins – elephants and great apes – higher mammals

Terre and her nephew Shaun are rocking out to TOTAL ECLIPS OF THE HEART BY Bonnie Tyler, and i pop in the back seat to experience the spaciousness of the cab and listen to their skilled vocal renditions as the ammeter Rock Goddess and the TYRANICAL DESPOT – for character – they out our ROCK Goddess OF THE 80’s

there are other higher mammals walking around a closing office depot parking lot, though i know not just how much higher they are than the stray dog that just passed us and our cars with the leash being dragged by his jotting and strolling down the street that he now owns

and the total eclipse of the heart continues as we and other Veterans and our fearless writing coach makes their way to the Wellness Works studio for our group therapy, our couple hours of process – of turmoil, and sometimes just a session of fun to get us out of the brain run where it tries to take us to the places we ran from in the first place… one way or another

and the sadness of heart that this may be one of the last times that we all get to meet if we don’t collectively think about how to keep the center afloat, and no it is not a boat, but we sure do hope El Niño brings life back to the southland that has been weeping for the replenishment of sustenance, and the prosperity of a clean environment washed by mother natureMicrosoft Word - A Night of Poetry.docx


and the debates are racing along the songs of our Nations needs or the big elephants evasiveness to focus on hyperbolic, rather the hype from this seasons hyperbole next to the rose bowl we thought but was wrong as those walking circles were in talk of a new world of better civility

so the great apes talk to the elephants, please will you listen to reason, and they say we elephants remember everything, and the apes say did you remember correctly and do U use that giant brain for reason as to solutions of the problem rather than to smash the little people and the dolphins sing there love songs, yes civility is a good thing for all the living creatures


o.k. i think even elephants can sing to that, with the higher mammals, but again how high, and how natural.


ford 150 ecoboost

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