” Paris ” – everyday poetry 196



i was there – i shot a whole roll of film

they came back blank

was i – this Marine – too excited

that the lens cover never made it off the camera

maybe for one or 2 shots, but not all of them

i think it was something to do with the company i took them to

that was while i was in service

Paris now

and how

and nothing to do with wow

but stop the plowing

the soil turning

the hearts burning with loss

and some of the sentiment was shared all across the world

the Paris flag support – i wonder if it will make a people less racist

this was one of the sentiments that stemmed from a Facebook firsthand dialogue

they had it coming – as they wrote – France has victimized many brown people

most though, as we do, contend that there is no room for the hatred and victimization of the innocent. Even if as a people, the French don’t necessarily like others who do not speak their language, and maybe some are snobbish on that point, maybe there are many that are – it is not worthy of the innocent dying.

when i was there, i did not get many people to help me when i needed it, lucky i met three girls from Canada – they were angels, we hung out, we did things, we talked and spent the weekend together


French government identifies all 129 people killed in Paris …

a tragedy to be certain, and there must be a stop to the senseless murdering of innocent people, there should be a way to stop war period… but will there ever be

how many people are innocent of the over 2 million people that are projected to have been killed in the middle east

it is all about education

it is all about the quality of life

it is all about the freedom of a culture

it is all about the freedom being that other peoples freedoms are not infringed upon

it is all about time

it is all about a song

it is all about the release of stress

it is all about the test of patience

it is all about the questioning of authority

it is all about the delivery

it is all that it is

can we find the sidewalk

a road to drive down

a heart to embrace

to get to the bottom of a problem plaguing a people

to get to the bottom of the disease of gratuitous violence

to get to the bottom of the motives

to drive out pessimism of there will never be change

that this people or that people will never change

Unworthy victims: Western wars have killed four million … since 1990

  • it is not about this or that people
  • muslims are the same as christians
  • they are just as peace seeking and kind as christians
  • some are kinder
  • they are about knowledge and the betterment of society, of life
  • so are christians
  • some christians are – like some muslims are
  • extremists
  • the problem is extremists
  • lets get to the other answers for solutions

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