” a car – escaping skid row ” – everyday poetry 197

a car – adams prompt


12 31 47


orange and movie stars

grey and knowing who U are

black and the abyss of …

white and the purity of thought shouts out to a summation of life stations

red and we are still trying to get that luck to shine like diamonds for the simplicity of life

blue was and is so true to go to everywhere including the zoo with good driver side manners


the abyss of the recondite

found in flight of the cool winds breeze

running past the flowers only to pause

fragranced again brings me out of speed


sensitivity for the life going tic toc by the seconds

to second hand stores for what most buy at Maceys or the Emporium

I don’t know where U buy your cloths, your egyption threaded cotton sheets that I would love to lay in and where as shits hugging my skin which will be great as a placeholder at least for the hugs miss fortune cookie will give me


take a shower in the towers of opulence, rather a soothing bath to a showered rinse and don’t cool down your excitement for life and whatever the inspiration thereof is


get in a lex, or a ghost, or a maasarati to cool it down a piece

for the galaxies where you could play with your friends U see this way

character in characterization for the winning of qualities mostly unscathed to the good and both bad to be had in the closing of sunset


trucks bouncing bouncing boing bing bong boing boing boing

like down the easter pig trail without sail but sailing right along with your favorite song streaming air, in your ears and jovial conversing of nothing and everything to be future present while the sand kicks up the past tense of things that do and don’t make sense, and this is now your chance to put together all the pieces at this time so that the puzzle has rhyme out of no reason to get you out of the treasonous thoughts contrary to what you believe in and know to be true


glue, that’s what it was, as semi-trucks park in the gravel and dirt of what is called home for the feet walking streets and sleep to keep a little hope for tomorrow if it can at all be found in health from sorrows streaming self medicated faces spiraling to the concrete again


and the black on black lex to carry a caveman still without the resources to escape skid row at all, but with a plan, and two, and when the mind is put to it, will be three and four, and with more – from minds of friends who are family and yes glue to the tires of your car rolling down the street like a star when these feet in more than 20 years of walk and bus and trust of self and sometimes others when the betrayal and abandonment came to destroy one who those of vile files thought would not get up at all if at all again


and guess what – I will do it with a lex or better

along side the orange truck the blue car, the grey car the white car the trucks and speed bumps for sure – how do you get there


escaping skid row

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 1.27.04 PM

see over 350 pieces of art by the Marine done as his own therapy … maintenance


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