Martin Luther King – the Dr. And the Jr. – everyday poetry 198


Martin Luther king

the Reverend and the Jr.

what did U do
because of this
because of when
because of why

why did it have to be done
would it have been you running into the flames of the sun
who could have slain such a giant
where can we go from here

i seen the rain pouring down on a drought infested town
now that there are a few drops extra
do we now stop doing what we know to do
do we stop conserving water

do we stop looking at the unfairness breaking the unwritten codes of civility
do we shake the trees and see all the green leaves tumble to the ground
can we see the willows willowing with the sway of the winds ebb and flow
will we as a nation continue to grow in the upward kiss to the sky high ideals good for all

can we then master the thought resurrection of the the masterful still in our breath
shall we then dance with all that have on their dancing shoes and those who can’t afford them
will we see the diabolical turn to saintdom
bring it in tight for the bright lights that shine like paparazzi to the main slights of everything that they seem to think is important

and the importance of how we make a difference

what did U do

it is not too late to do it


Harriet Tubman, I view her as one of the Bravest and toughest women of all time – a mover and a shaker – a badass and here is my artistic Rendition of one of my favorite women!

Harriet - one of the Civil Rights forerunner

Harriet – one of the Civil Rights forerunners

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