mom and dad – prompt from Norman Wm. Muise – everyday poetry 202

today at the Veteran Writer’s Workshop

Microsoft Word - A Night of Poetry.docx


we did a new thing – we wrote from a prompt – specifically (Haiku by Norman Wm. Muse)

“winter rain

well after the divorce

the chill”

and we wrote it for 2 characters, i was not going to do it at first, as my parents divorced – and it is unsettling, but i did – and today, we had all guy Veterans, Rick and Adam, and myself, and Leilani our writing coach, and then Lucy – another Veteran arrived, she is new to the group, but we are not newly acquinted


mom and dad

she was never alone
but likely all alone in her secrets
after all
she was not supposed to tell
it was all the crazy that she had been put through
all of it running through her veins
from what was done to her
and how she was used for the
was it the means of survival
in the dark ages leftovers
she was swimming in it
married her teen crush
the blonde bombshell was bombed
she did not know it
the things that happened
were said to be in the past
were told her – to sweep it under the carpet
it is water under the bridge
don’t do your dirty laundry in public
like mr. rogers said – it was him right
who said
that which is speakable can be healed
what would mom say
i caught up with her after the years of abuse passed on
trying to figure out how we could be family
i visited every week after school for about 2 or 3 months
until her mother – the generation of the leftover dark ages reared her head like a dragon snake
controlling, manipulating, wielding the power that was not hers – in her daughters home
years later
i caught up again, this was after her second divorce
the disgusting man that must have been at times dancing in her head
and what about that of her first husband
i know that she said she still loved him
that he never neglected her
not like her second husband – the contrary was the only speak with the evil twists
the twists representative of dark ages mingled with the new age of their time
and then the wine in the bottle
and the fight against cancer
and the drop off
the squeezed lemons into a glass
the purification
the lack of wanting anything more than life
and not wanting life at all
it is the chill
he started to drink
was there any think
was it deep to that of the person he had been to his first love
was it his first love
was there this innocent 50’s romance
one boy and one girl to come out of their own worlds of chaos
i did not find any truths revealed
as i was the little runt that stayed with him
and ill others went with the mom
i was the one on my own until he arrived home
the one who knows that the bottle of vodka was under the sink
the same way his dads vodka was kept under the sink
but it was not kept there when the all of us were living at 3547 N. Erie
now it was that the bottle was in rotation
1/4 full
1/3 empty
half full
2/3rds drank
i was not being beat anymore
that was a change
but with the alcohol siphoned to a wayward soul
was he then in thought of his sins
the sins against his vows
his commitment
was the memories of what he was put through
being washed in the second introspection, recollections, and reflections
feel the burn of ethanol down the gut cleansing the mind
or erasing it
did he reflect to the ways he failed
the ways of corrections for his children
the ways of controlling his woman
was it supposed to be that the woman was his
like a possession
like his children
where they supposed to instead be trusted to him
nurtured and guided by him as an equal to his wife
that they could all have separate paths that eventually one way or another
they would find
unfortunately without so much of that path cleared by him and his partner
did he think about that at all
his second marriage lasted
weathered the ups and downs
found the storms in tandem
worked through them
as random as they came
some elements must have been through the learning process
he had learned that he had no control
but still a temper furious
there was much more logic and reasoning
there was much more pain and despair
cancer caught him and eventually took him
there was the anguish
years of anguish
was everything then piled atop of one another
the physical pains with the failures in reflection
was there many times of introspection
and wishes that there could have been many times of correction
we seen a full circle if you will
we seen the request of forgiveness
we seen the times change
and with little time
as the character drained
but before the life had gone
eyes glassed over time and time again
was it then the angst of the unanswered storms
the unanswered failures bringing the success of change
the chill
bridge the gap - closing the door to the dark ages

bridge the gap – closing the door to the dark ages

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