i think we should make our own rules and break them – by kenneth james – everyday poetry 203

i think we should make our own rules and break them

today, we had Rick, Patrick, Terri, Adam, and our coach Leilani

and she brought in the rules for students and teachers by sister Corita Kent popularized by John Cage

i write

not in any style

not in any rule

not in any suggested pattern

not with any given tools


i listened to what you said

i heard all of your rules

i seen all of your influence

and i borrowed some of the tools


who after all can write without a pen

without a computer

or some paper for a pencil

drawing landscapes in word trace with tree and river embraced

and birds, bugs and critters chasing songs of their environment and chiming in with the other calls of the wild and interesting animal smiles


i am your animal outside of your rules

it is a good rule though to study

but i wish not to make any rule myself

i like to suggest

i like to tell stories of experience

so that others can find their own path

i love to embrace all the cultures to learn of ways yet not known to my soul

to be able to decide

and not listen to

purposely not listen to

you should do this, you need to that, if you do this you will be able to do that.


yes there are those ways that have been tried and shown true

the avenues of success

do you absolutely know what secrets that they are not telling you


or like that of the practices learned from great and not so great texts books in wonderful and not so wonderful institutions of higher learning – stifled your thought process whenever and wherever it is taught that this is the way it is and this is what you should do if you are a… if you wish to be … , well you know, respectable, and to who, the others who follow the same dogma that should have been tossed to the piles of shit of the narrow minded haters of different experiences outside of their … say culture if you wish – so then


well to evoke with the evocative provocative dissections of everything you learned so that it can be fused accordingly as to how your spirit knows that it is true so that whatever it is that you work on, it will be the best outcome possible

straining may add a gain that you never expected

in the ease of all that you know to do being done may then also bring the stress free continuum in your measure of mediocrity, but a good run of the mill life for our stressless test in time

i keep searching for more experiences, if it is in healing and different approaches at art, and certainly any approach worthy of the expansion of civility – to have as much knowledge and insight from experiencing as many different approaches will give me the essence of ideas to be combined as a new approach, which then can be seen as a new rule – only to be broken by myself or others, and find a new better approach to the new situations to be dealt with today, or to be addressed if you will out of desire or necessity.


i found this one out of no rules

i found this one out of no rules

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