if the lights were turned on @ all – Everyday poetry 204

today was a small group of 4 of us Veterans – 2 Marines Patrick and i, Air Force – Rick, and Army – Adam, we also of course had our Writing Coach Leilani – and were visited by our MFT – Kathy Lynch of Wellness Works – Glendale – with Pam & Christie


on march 10th 2016

after having the lights turned off over and over again

there was drain of brain

where nothing but pain remained

years and years where all did fall

like the cut of electrical surge

not finding it’s wires


fire could do better as the power source

primitive flickering of light and sparks glow at night

where owls sour

white wings span in flight

or a kite high in the sky

looking for the lightening strike for the lumens in glass


when they strike those copper coils

it will be time to check for spoils

anything that the soul did not discard

anything that was shared

and the groaning of the tailspin

trucks heightened in music unknown

industrial uprisings

millions made in the small people played


we will be played again and again

until it is our turn to lay

or until it is our turn to play


turn on the lights please

shine the suns rays in my depleted caves of soul melt felt in the soil before all decomposed in its regenerative strength


the burlap sack of seeds dropped like a hot rock from the sky

only because angel wings carried a tune so melodic

that rockets could not stand still

but they did not also bring war

think if you will

the cartoonish approach to making a brilliant burst of colors that rains down in orchestrated abstractions much the way an artist does with a paint brush, a pen full of ink in several trips to the purposeful dripping – or the ripping of magazine papers full of every shade and hue, texture and framed in it’s rippage – or the new styles of art that come too from heart – but not yet revealed in process – because in the world we live in today – there are only a few to give credit where credit is due – and the rest – i believe – will just turn the lights off


if the lights were on @ all

we would see it

the craziness sprung from the nuerons

is this an electrical surge you are following

or thought being captured by the other lights firing

winding its energy around a vast 167 millimeters

you say yours is bigger

but how often do U turn on the lights


i know that we have

well my lights light up in most of all my brain when i give thought

when i give energy

when i share this soul

it is all on and go

can U please use your big boy words to express this

if the lights are on @ all

and why not the colorful language for a world full of color

to have a heart that knows what color of lights shine on what words when they are spoken – is this yet at all thought provoking

and turning off their own lights for fright of their timid and unused brains to be able to hear such as if to feign some kind of innocence that was never had because we were all born earthlings in the spring summer, fall or winter, perhaps U were born in autumn

break your silence then for the fright of you losing might when your soul manipulates the other souls surrounding you – at least U try to


if the lights were on @ all

would you not be a nurturer too

would U not entertain the looks of mental capacity maximized through and through

burn the fire

let the electricity flow

windmill energy

solar panel installation

brain function disruption

but the pistons keep firing

i have it now

a switch that you can flick

so your energy is not flickering

but it is free flow

if the lights are on @ all


Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.55.26 AM




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