” i need what U need to live ” β€” everyday poetry 206

so today – at group therapy – Veteran Writers Workshop, we had Veterans, and as typical (but not always – and not always typical 😁 we had a piece of literature brought in by Leilani (our writing coach) it was an example of what not to do and i don’t recall the author – but it was about a postmistress i think… So Terre was in, who brought her Amazing Blue haired Nephew Shaun – and later was called to duty by her lovely Niece Bailey – we also had Patrick, Lucy, Rick and of course – myself.

today, we all contributed prompts – mine was Dull Leads – and what U need for life, i need: Rick contributed who is going to get the eati{e}-ho-hos (a line from jack carawack) Leilani suggested Brussels: and Lucy gave us Bitter Butter

start: 12:57:26

Dull leads β€”

When i drew my one line design

Finding stops from time to time

Catching the rhythm

So none gets left behind

But continuous

β– β—Žβ€’γƒ»βˆ™β˜‘οΈŽ

The etching from one angle to another angle to keep a tip

In the depth of my mind though

Is always the RIP

Art styles that make U smile when trying to find a beat to the complexities not yet spelled out on paper nor canvas

I had a blast when you read my mind

We had a gathering hearing the chimes

They trek to join us in studies blind

β– β—Žβ€’γƒ»βˆ™β˜‘οΈŽ

What U need for life is what i need β€”

Like that sleep number bed

Like that estate instead

Dead-spaced closet in the toxic heavens

Air dreading to the lungs bedding

paralyzed in size and matter

Try to move

Please try to move

I said get off your fucking ass and move

β– β—Žβ€’γƒ»βˆ™β˜‘οΈŽ

I need the filtered water too

Some whole grains legumes

And a 20 by 30 master room β€” 3 times my closet β€” i now call my room

β– β—Žβ€’γƒ»βˆ™β˜‘οΈŽ

I need a yard for Veteran Community Tai β€” Chi

Free to get there space

Flee all traces of negative head space

In the breath of getting to the real you

β– β—Žβ€’γƒ»βˆ™β˜‘οΈŽ

Who is going to get the eati-hoho’s (jack carawack)

Burnt from the buds burning

No more but butter churning

Milky dark chocolate cookies fresh from the oven

β– β—Žβ€’γƒ»βˆ™β˜‘οΈŽ

Orange juice takes the edge off of cotton

Working out

In this life without ever stopping

β– β—Žβ€’γƒ»βˆ™β˜‘οΈŽ

I mean in one way or another

To a peaceful sleep

To laughter so deep

To a frisbee thrown in the middle of the street

To the paint chips falling

Encrusting the skin

β– β—Žβ€’γƒ»βˆ™β˜‘οΈŽ

To the forgiveness of sin

And the realization that no forgiveness needed

But bleeding are the judgments falsified

In the canter of vile secret hedonism

Bade U to never go where they go in black robes

Like nobody sees them in where they lie is lies

Brussels β€”

that land long from me

And another land far from me

Edicts from the moronic

on a people scorned not to their own freedoms

β– β—Žβ€’γƒ»βˆ™β˜‘οΈŽ

But usurped in pure attempts of manipulation

Fear based rule to never come to fruition

Holy war to never be had

β– β—Žβ€’γƒ»βˆ™β˜‘οΈŽ

A feeble attempt to thieve the glad

β– β—Žβ€’γƒ»βˆ™β˜‘οΈŽ

Bitter Butter β€”

Bitter butter brings better butter-cups

behind big bricks breaking

between butterflies begging breezes

betwixt brokers badly begging

beginners borrowing buildings before Brenda’s

By bargaining barterers bent believers

β– β—Žβ€’γƒ»βˆ™β˜‘οΈŽ

In the basic sense and the general sense too

I need what U need to live

fin: 13 23 33



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