” If i can live another month, it’s over ” — everyday poetry 205

AS INSPIRED (for a prompt – was a line out of)


If i can live another month, it’s over

In the thought that life could not be lived at all

And so in every observation

The delightful

Sent to the fantasy that i so wished it could come true

Moments of ecstasy replacing moments of anguish

More moments of life to be seen

If only dreamt like desires in the passions of fires relentless path of recreating


Hollowed out mind

Found throughout time

Rarely a life gone through the cycle

Without all of its downtime

As part of the ebb and the flow

For the up time to be at it’s highest peak


It is the experience of the lowest peak that breaks the water

Makes it splash

Washes the dirt from the body

Even if it is not your dirt

It creates grooves in the sand that glistens with its water residue

It brings true in the years of polish, stones that have organically landed in your hand

From who’s land do U stand


It sure in the hell belongs not to any man nor woman, no earthling

But this is our state of being for right now

We stay in the land of interpretation

Looking for definitions

Looking to see if we can make our own definition

Looking into the eye of independence is at best futile

In the realization of how many other sources one would have to depend on

To ink out one line of poetry to page

This poem is you


You all 6 Billion, or is kit 7 billion now, will any of our tomorrows be 8 billion

Hold on man, grab a condom, and let’s get back on track

Think it through

For if we make it to next month, and see another, our views may begin to change

Our experiences now compiled with our experiences to come plus the experiences shared and taken in as true — even if sometimes they are not, but we too want them to be true as they swim in their mythical ponds


They don’t necessarily have to be pond scum, nor humdrum, nor belonging to a wealthy beach numb

So when it is that every day for a period of time

When it is of the eminent threat against life — or even life as we know it

When our cynicism kicks in

When our protective spirit lives through the every moments for that of one more person not to be victimized, wether attacked or wrongfully demonized

Allow the full story to get out — allow both sides to be present,

Use logic and reason to find what is evident

Knowing in full tongue that kills the messenger

That the messenger — the words don’t have to be killed

But rather it is the challenge of the mind to be skilled

For interpretation for all situations

That if there is another moment


We can live fully


If i can live another month, it’s over


20 MIN TIMED WRITING — With my Veteran Family members Terre, Lucy, Adam, & and our writing coach Leilani

= it took me a week to publish, i have been having difficulties… , so , i shall try to publish the other poem that i wrote today in our Veteran group therapy – writers workshop – peace and love

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