” proclivities reached ” – everyday poetry 208

13:31:11 on 03 – 30 – 16

proclivities reached

i seen the hill hugging the necks of the cedars that have fallen

i seen the transparency of souls walking

i received the messages of the longing for parts of their life to be fullfilled


this while they were in the transference betwixt life and death

the unsteady steps like knees quivering while walking

their path transcended right through my soul


agitated was the recondite mind

my clock stopped and so did my watch

i was walking with them

i was them

i am them


so in the state of the habitual

don’t pass the drugs

my heart already overly stressed


but there are occasions for laughter

in the presence of other great souls who want for the expansion of civility

proclivities reached

here written

there awaiting the shot of a 35mm lens

just to lend the eyes a relief, some release, the subtleness of an eased belief


Patrick just called – USMC on the line, don’t put him on hold – any Marine – any Veteran

let us find a track to stay on

have U ever seen the homemade sunsets

the fantasy to be anywhere else than where U are right now


let us then find a position

thank U for the wonderful dispositions

the placid take on the difficulty of facing adversity is a hug much needed

the recondite subject at hand at least to have a patient ear

besides the fear of the outcomes


i am very glad that you did not run

thank U for showing me the vision of the sun

in natures settings where i and the dog trailed up to.


it is not occupy L.A. occupy N.Y. occupy congress

but it is occupy my mind… i mean ones own mind

could we not give a minutes to lead up to the hours of time needed to find solutions

my habitual patterns in art give me that opportunity of meditation

giving me opportunity to think of the others that i wish to reach

maybe we can make it out together.


i don’t ever know if i will find the light

i wish though that we can journey together

U have given to me – the opportunity to give to you, because you chose to not run, and gave so much to me – thank U for not running when you heard my difficulties



below is the idea for Ramon Garcia to work on, a Veteran who is working on Veteran stories with PBS – what do U think?

women who serve and the Glass Ceiling in Civilian life as compared to the military.

get on the train to the life change - the chance at life

get on the train to the life change – the chance at life

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