” life and a pile of roses ” – everyday poetry 209

on 04.14.16 @ 17.10.15 i wrote a poem – and here is the share – be aware this is adult language as are all my poems and writings. so grow up and read it ☆ i am doing the same  😋 🎼 🚊 

life and a pile of roses

we awake
and off to the day
 😋 🎼 🚊 
no planner
 😋 🎼 🚊 
reaching for the stars as best i can
but things difficult
always the break pumpers
 😋 🎼 🚊 
for the mode of therapy that i have not
not my sex
impromptu o.k.
in the setting of dynamic play
 😋 🎼 🚊 
it all kills me
rarely does my mouth open
more often to the unavailable
am i setting myself up again
putting myself in the state of my psyche
 😋 🎼 🚊 
i spoke to the dynamic today
surmised to my mind
i would never get the time nor day
i told her
 😋 🎼 🚊 
i believe her to be far more than a catch
i can’t catch her
oh, that i would
i can’t help it
every time i see her
the magnets come out!
 😋 🎼 🚊 
this is not a fish
extremely sharp
voice is poetic
i believe more than just my ears decipher
i even touched on her rhythm
i wanted to play her song
 😋 🎼 🚊 
i wanted her to search my soul to find my tune
my orchestra
my song
to find herself in it
to find the evolution of her growth because of our interactions
 😋 🎼 🚊 
make my mind shut up
at least about her
less the door become open
amicable are the terms of our separation
we in no relationship
the kind one who sought and seeks actually calls a relationship
 😋 🎼 🚊 
i wish to go shake all the dead leaves from a tree
see all of them fall in a float on top of me
i wish to see the radiance of the sun turn my brown leaves to green
open my eyes wide to more than just the love dreams
to see all my wishing to love a world full of people
seeing my path become more of the broader road to civility
through poetry and its collaboration of abstractions
distraction to a world full of stress
take them from your lap for a minute or two
maybe for 20 or more – like an hour
 😋 🎼 🚊 
we see a day Dstressed
the test of time receiving accolades for overachievement
and the first aid kit to mitigate pressures of everyday depressors
 😋 🎼 🚊 
find me please
by your gated love
by your barb wired heart
by your mind saying flight
like me
before one gets a chance to interrupt any peace U may already have
 😋 🎼 🚊 
i may strain a bit of your drain
my love though
will help us on our way
if we are to walk
or run full of puns to our journey
 😋 🎼 🚊 
am i done spilling these words
my guts
thoughts into the sea
seeing is believing
and you will believe that should i have breath
more words to traverse any medium i work with that day
including RIP – Art my souls created medium
 😋 🎼 🚊 
note to self
get a physical calendar
eat smarter
and if U can
find a lover
by all means
before life is nothing more than a pile of roses
 😋 🎼 🚊 
peace and love!
tree spiders mitered

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