goals and objectives that i call fantasies – everyday poetry 212

i will go out and succeed without your voice in my head telling me i can’t: prompt by Rick Thurnell

a woman learns she is a clone before meeting the woman who made her in her own image : prompt by Adam Cloys

a place exists where freedom is free and the usa gets jealous  : Adam Cloys


props promps



i hear you, telling me i can’t do it, telling me she is not interested, telling me you have nothing to offer

and i hear others

telling me you don’t deserve it, telling me the who’s and the what’s i should do in my pursuits, not just of a lover of course, but of ambitions, dreams, goals, and objectives which i oft times call fantasies, because i see how unlikely they will be to come true, and i see myself then talking myself out of them more and more.

i have no problem at all making the lofty dreams, goals and objectives that i call fantasies

they are lofty indeed

like my going from skid row to beverly hills (that idea… it may be santa cruz or caramel etc. but you get the point

i talk myself out of it as much as there is no opportunity to get there from here


but should i stop

i know how very quick life can be stopped in a heart beat, no more chances, i know those who have gone before me, and i know that there is a time and place for all, and when the doctor tells you, YOU have heart disease and are at very high risk with the 299 triglycerides and the fluctuation high cholesterol, with the LDL’s astronomically high and the HDL;s astronomically low


i have been drinking water like crazy, cut out the cereal, all white starch of course, the bread limit to one loaf per week of graniac, NO FRUIT JUICE, NO VEGGIE JUICE, the concentrated sugar source is very dangerous for me… though i did drink some after a month , but will not any more

and did i say lots of water

maybe i will make time to see another fantasy come true

because i don’t need your voice in my head telling me i can’t – i will go out and succeed without your voice in my head

tree spiders mitered

tree spiders mitered



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