thorns of love – everyday poetry 213

wednesday June 8th 2016

we read poetry today for an exercise with Veterans Wes, Adam, Rick and myself – with our Writing Coach Leilani , i wrote poetry today for the 17 minute timed writing

thorns of love

digging deep into my mind

every time i find myself in your proximity

the passions they bring into song

when not played by a single soul

thorns of love

when daylight savings never saved me anything

sleep interrupted to the fullness of nightmarish imagery

seen asleep and awake

for a caring conscious yearning to get back the trash

the treasures that once illuminated the day like the life of the party which was actually called life

thorns of love

while eating yogurt

wishing in the presence of not a loved one rather than a lover

plurally stated when thinking of all loss and deception that crept in while they were not looking

knowing they did that it would happen without knowing time for the blindside

thorns of love

this little thing you call war

meant to destroy the combatant created from your own psychosis

the combatant though – the forces coming against the prey laying in the ditch that you put them in

is it a he or a she, a collective whole

demonized for the sloth of wishing not to find the viable solution to the problems that lay within yourselves in the first place

the contrived problems that are systemic to scapegoatism

yet the thinker in form of inescapable victim is solutions unheard in the realm of change

thorns of love

you are looking for the definition of thorns of love

the exercise of loving without reciprocation

the tough love wishing to be gentle

the nurturing not received

the anguish of the plutonic wishing to be naked




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