they’re dead in the middle – everyday poetry 214

they’re dead in the middle – my prompt

nothing wrong with it, i just hate it  (or “i just hate you – but it’s me not you) – table crosstalk prompt
20 min
131111 on june 22 2016
today – we are here with just the Vets Wes, Rick Adam and me – our fearless leader Leilani Squire is out with a an injury – hoping she recovers to better health quickly – and please – too – give out some of the same positive thoughts – all three of you who may see this
they’re dead in the middle
on the drive over – usually pretty peaceful, but today, there were the dumb dumbs – inconsiderate and homicidal.
nothing wrong with it, i just hate it
even though i drive very safely – with ample distance and usually pretty slow then if there is much traffic in front of me, sometimes i try to get to where i am going… and today, i was trying to get to the writing group… i am having difficulties with the difficulties i have from trauma
 ☞•◦・◎●◉⦿☜ ☞•◦・◎●◉⦿☜ ☞•◦・◎●◉⦿☜ ☞•◦・◎●◉⦿☜ ☞•◦・◎●◉⦿☜
  • the white truck, he had just passed the police car some 15 cars back… and we were getting an opening, i started to go, and the truck, just maybe not even with inches to spare slashes through. i am sure it is psychological with me, when people make this homicidal move… catching up to the depth of my soul, a person – one of the few who committed crimes against me, he had the habit of doing that same homicidal driving… very habitual – with many people in the car screaming, pull over, stop the car… etc. a bunch of good Christian people, so i thought, i found out later… the apathy which runs the carcasses around to do nothing when the rubber hits the road – when they see the innocent maligned by the scapegoatists – pretending to know nothing, or talking about “they will give it to god”, “god will sort it out in the end”…
  • i want it sorted out now
  • they are dead in the middle
  • like the driver of that truck…
  • yes, i laid on the horn and flashed the lights, and kept the horn on … prompting them to be more their criminal self and try to stop short on me so i would hit them and damage my lex
  • not happening – i think i steered them out of their way though…
  • i just want people to know that it is very wrong to put others in life and death situations when you are driving,
  • then, another white car on san fernando
  • with a passenger in the back…
  • he is cruising along
  • slashed right in front of me when traffic was stopping
  • i beep at him too… stupid idiot…
  • still pissed from the other dumb ass
  • i lay on the horn by time we meet again
  • i don’t want to roll down the window
  • i don’t want to waste all kind of time
  • i want him to think about his driving
  • so his stupid innocent son who likely does not know what time it is because he is stupid
  • he is flying the bird… a wonderful liberated moment for the dumb ass i am sure
  • he does not realize his dad almost had him killed… if a good driver was not behind him, at 40 miles an hour abrupt stop… it may have happened
  • i forgive the boy dumb ass… but he will likely get his ass kicked a lot in the future because his dad is raising an irresponsible dumb ass in the middle
they’re dead in the middle
no introspection
i went back to my calm self after i passed the dumb asses who try to take people out with their vehicles
i gave myself a good talking to too
i always give people plenty of room, typically let people in, not always, it is not always convenient or possible
nothing wrong with it, i just hate you… homicidal drivers
actually there is something wrong with it, and i hate you for endangering me and others
but to love myself and others … i talked to myself to try to calm myself down and prepare for the other dumbness so i would just let you go, and report when i can
Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 5.11.37 PM

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