” everyday poetry ” – everyday poetry 215

224133 on 7/6/16

“everyday poetry – would love to write everyday poetry”

haven’t been able to write, so nice to continue to the place of wishing to live

i have been writing these poems and timed writings for well over a year

today, in group, just Rick and i, and i failed

sleep deprivation kicking my ass

i have no weed, no grass, or as our friendly to the legal medical marijuana, calls it a healing herb… or something very respectful. 

if the VA could have a little common sense and legalize the medicine that would help us tremendously, that would be a phenomenal breakthrough

what do you mean there is no research

millions of Americans have been getting help from what i call weed for years… decades! 

man, i just want some help

some positive interuptus to the interrupted patterns 

for the sake of my heart

and what is longevity

everyone is waiting to find out

hopefully enjoying the moment


and thank U to all of my friends

those that were there just recently at the July 1st prelude to the “Eclectic Collective Love Collaboration” 

railroad stations sometimes give you peaceful situations in order to calm yourself to a new you, sometimes it adds situations that break the seal of how you feel when less than positive interactions are then the triggers to another time for settling because the spike in the heart is now running your risks of heart difficulties – lets see the intervention now! 

settle down kenneth james

continue in your civility

the way you give love

is the way many or your family give love

not just with words

actions are the pathway! 

the pathway we love to create! 

cheers to those who are civil


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