alien hokipoki – Carlos’ prompt – everyday poetry 217

if you could say something to your crush – Erren’s prompt

broken polar bear dicks – Carlos’ prompt

today @ 133027 we are starting the 12 min. write for the 13 min write with Adam, Carlos, Erren, Rick, Wes, and our fearless leader is back… and times up, not really

alien hokipoki and where the hell did you go

in the Corps, everyone is talking about the broke dick motherfuckers

the shit-birds – may as well be broken polar bear dicks

could you hear the spin when the air molecules hit your brain cell

all one of them

no i did not just call you stupid

nor did i call you a dumbass


well what do i know


i guess i am a dumbass sometimes… maybe

mostly squared away even in the depth of my head-fuck and so what can anybody hear me

should i speak a little louder to the noise in the room, in the city, in the state, it ain’t pretty


that is what i would say to my crush

get to know me

no i no longer ride the bus, the busses, but i may sometime

i don’t know

can she hear me

does she know me

will she throw me

for 2-loops when she says yes i know you

and i like what i see

meaning character

or maybe she does

like what she sees

but who is she

can she wear me

like fine linen and silk sin so smooth that it puts one in the mood for the better things in life, maybe the best things


ringtones shake in my headphones and won’t let me alone

that could be a good thing if only she will call

did i just fall

my knees are bloody

my hands have gravel

my elbows are dripping

and my face is bludgeoned

i fell hard

and i feel fine

no, on that glass of wine

i love pain

i have heard several say

to me when i try so hard to deal with strain








not dreams


did you hear me

let me get something sweet

likes dreams lived


that is what i want to say to my crush

without having to say it at all

you know me

how hard i did fall


alien hokipoki

continued for the next 12 minutes


it is 014723 and i still am not asleep

will that bother you

it bothers me too

  • all of that after a hard day of gradschool
  • i am not there yet
  • but i want to be
  • i want to be there
  • far away from here
  • but not far away from you

maybe you are the one to get me there from here

maybe i am the one to get you there from here

maybe you are already there and i have a very long way to go even though you took me with you

in the alien hokipoki

there are no broke dicks

everyone is squared away

squared the fuck away


what you wish for me to change my language

my language is as fine as the lines in onelinedesigns splashed with a fair amount of color

and by a fair amount, i mean the # of colors because it is all color

maybe i am afraid of black and white

but not if it is classy like pics of old from 35mm cameras that you had to know the iso, aperture settings and speed. but i don’t, though i have done some wonderful black and white photo’s


you may call me a dick

but you did not mean it

what you meant to say is…

why don’t you say what you mean without so much passion

like when you talk about Veterans who are caught in perpetual poverty by the profiteers of Veteran pain

all for the sake of gain, not to a Veteran at all – they are still in the throes of nothing


i am prejudice, that is what i would say to her

no, that is not the same as being a racist, but being a person who hates stupidity

and yes, i do hate myself at times, like when i allowed 4 people to commit crimes against me, and for allowing those who allowed them to do so

STUPID – i hate myself for that, and i cannot change it! i have tried unsuccessfully for years


what would i say

i am caught up in the alien hokipoki

and i am original




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