dance of the mind – no wars a movie – everyday poetry 219

dance of the mind  – no wars a movie -:- who was here -:- Army: Carlos’ prompt – Army: Adam, Army: Wes, AirForce: Rick, Army: Lucy, Marine: Patrick, Marine: Me-kenneth james and our fearless leader Leilani was here

on your 21 minutes – the same as my 21 minutes – and lets get in it

wild bunnies twirling and flung into the wall like a non-moving mosh pit

spit spaddled on wall and halls of the tragedy bleed with the utter chaos of the relentless lack of mercy for the cute bunnies that once sprung to their hops in wonderful spots and paper slop

that was me too in the hippitty hoppitty the easter pig is on its way, the christmas critters are here to stay, the jimminy crickets now have jennifers biscuits, and she is a cricket too, put down my shoe – even if it fits, don’t wear it – get me a new pair of shoes, and a new pair for you too

damsels in distress, i oft was able to help, even lads i did lend solutions for absolution if it were not the heaviest of substitution

for capitulations of indemnification deserved and rendered in dissolving complexities of ongoing injuries

that hand U held in the middle of cross firing and the unmerited casualties taken to the hype of an outsourced agenda that payed dividends to those nowhere close to the battleground sounds of last gasps in the midst of large arms blasts that discredits any tactics at peace – unless the women are now safe, a people now placed, positions for dispositions of peace that was rivaled in more than just subtle revelry

conquests in manipulation brought to the play stations of neuron infused minds confused in lacking patience for conversations that bring the diplomacy of ceased fires on concertina wires laced with the fatalities of disgruntled life that tried to bring life to the party of free speeches and the power of assemble for the #BroaderRoadToCivility proclivities

now this heart does still bleed in the hellish fires of ongoing war against a saint like individual or entity – whoever he or she may be!

take it to the court of logic, to the family of love triumphant, to the meetings of the minds who find time to bring ideas that are chased to fruition for better sitting by plates of food that do more than just nourish the body, but bring the jubilance of an ambience of the fullest life lived in the happiness that brothers and sisters in this world and around the world can too eat the same dish

140231 on august 24th 2016

dance of the mind  – no wars a movie


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